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for Four days at a Funeral SLASH

12/9/2019 c9 B
This was so damn hot and ugh they are the cutest!
5/30/2018 c9 tabitha.l.eas
when i read the title and descriptikn was worried that it would be a sad start at least. i knew I was going to read it anyways, because I've read everything you've written. and even the sad stuff didn't dissapoint. but i am sooooo happy with how this worked out. I love you and your fantastic imaginationyoure my favorite author and ive been reading on this site for about 3 or 4 years now. you da bomb
1/14/2018 c8 Guest
Am loving this.
1/10/2016 c9 arcticfox42
That was awesome!
5/28/2015 c9 Vonnie
Loved it! Tony's family was a riot.
5/13/2015 c9 Rjones308
I love this story. This is not the first or last time I have/will read it, it is always hot and it's nice to read one where Tony has a family that loves him. I would love for you to do a great smutty fluff piece about the cabin in Vermont. Tony and Gibbs in front of a fire place-wait it's getting hot in here!
4/14/2015 c8 NYPDBURN07
I really love this story and I love re-reading it all the time you seriously need to make a sequel! Please!
3/19/2015 c9 31flower pot girl
Great that some of Tony's family support and understand him.
1/5/2015 c9 NYPDBURN07
I loved reading this story and enjoyed reading about Tony's family
7/26/2014 c9 tibbslover14
This story is one of my favorites I think it would be great if you wrote a squeal or a Gibbs mpreg
2/3/2014 c9 5Sick-and-TwistedMind
1/13/2014 c5 1SlytherinIceFaery
OMG you have no idea how happy it made me to see you use VT in your story! I love it when people use my home state :D the story is awesome so far and I can't wait to read more :D
8/6/2013 c9 8Wolfisis
5/16/2013 c9 17alwayskayla
This is probably the fourth time I've read this story straight through. I just love it. :)
3/7/2013 c1 christinelbain
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