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for How Did You Make Me Fall For You?

12/29/2016 c25 8twinSlayer
Kanzeon please! (But face it that's basically all yaoi fangirls :P) and if I was Goku I'd say, "Sanzo, you're an ass, but how did you make me fall for you?"
A pure blunt move that would end with a harisen smack.
12/29/2016 c5 twinSlayer
OMG I SNORTED SO HARD NOODLES CAME OUT OF MUH NOSE ._. Konzen's remarks are the best!
I fell to my floor in a fit of happiness when I finished reading this. I'm not joking. This is really good and I'm glad you wrote it, even with all the cliffhangers. I hope you can write more stories as good as this one. I wish you luck, friend.
6/23/2013 c25 Guest
Awesome a little spacey but good
5/26/2013 c25 CactusJuiceLoopy
Anyone else laughing there ass off? Whelp I just happen to be, as well as smirking, and making high pitched noises (No! I am SO not squealing with glee at there cuteness so don't even think it!), all while screaming bloody murder at the basta- Homura to the heavens. But hey It's only 4am, no way my parents and siblings will come and scream at me for disrupting their and... our neighbors sleep, right? Thanks for writing and making me feel such strong hatred and happiness. A great writer conveys the feelings they need to convey to the writer. A epic, yes awesomely epic writer can make me break down crying out of happiness or sadness because of what they made the reader feel. YO.k that sounded Vain but here is my reasoning: It takes a lot to make me and a bunch of others tear up (which you made me, can't stand when a child is hurt) much more to make us cry. In your next story I request one thing, make someone cry that doesn't often. That may sound somewhat cruel or sadistic (Hey, i've got a sadistic personality) but when an author is just that good, to be able to right so well that the characters come to life, that the words are no longer words but amazement and feelings. THAT and only then is when an author truly knows what they were just damn well made to be, an author. And be it reviews or be it your personal intuition you'll know when you truly become an author. And you'll probably feel good, nah scratch that, you'll probably feel great, grand and proud. Anyway my friend (If you allow me to be called such even if I can't tell you my name) will you accept the challenge? I hope you do cause you've got yourself some darn good evidence that you can do it. Well goodbye or Let love, peace, adventure, fun, hilarity, 20% of pacifist, pessimist, optimist, opportunist, realist, and the slowly dying out Common Sense, EACH always be in your head, everything else, and True best precious people/friends anyways be with and there for you. PEACE OUR! Ps. Please excuse all grammer and language. Pss. Thanks if you did, I don't care if you didn't. Psss. LONG SIGN OFFS ROCK SO DON'T SAY A TICK ABOUT IT!
5/4/2013 c18 1Dead account no longer here
Loving this story so far! I just got into this show yesterday and it interested me so!
3/7/2013 c25 Sakura Zuzumiya
Hajime mashite watashiwa Sakura yoroshiku onegai shimasu
i like your story :-) you mix saiyuki story with your own story, but you mix it perfectly. make me really enjoy reading the story thank you for your story i look forward your next story -O
2/11/2013 c25 2NeonPink2011
*squees and flails arm around running in a circle like a tard* SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE E!
1/28/2013 c24 4Project-GrimWitch
Awe! A cliff hanger! Your story so far is so awesome that I could not stop reading it. So can't wait for your second chapter. Keep up the awesome work. I really love SanzoGoku pairing the best. .
1/21/2013 c24 2NeonPink2011
WOOT! MORE! MORE! MORE! (or I'ma rip chu fuzzy ear off *evil smirk*)
1/21/2013 c24 aliendroid
Hey! Good work on this chapter.
My only warning, Sanzo better live!
1/5/2013 c23 NeonPink2011
*rages and rampages* HOMURA! I'LL KILL YOU! BASTARD! *claws Homuras face off now* (I still don't like him...*grumps in the time-out corner now*)

very good! as for the Kougaiji met Goku chapter, I'll note you about it. *winks*
1/1/2013 c22 1Reiu4h
12/31/2012 c22 Anonymous
This is such a cute story! Please update soon!
12/20/2012 c22 aliendroid
If Goku isn't saved by Sanzo I'm going to cry!
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