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5/7/2016 c1 Guest
OuO that was very hot *stems nosebleed*
1/16/2015 c1 2nighttheraven
7/9/2014 c1 Gubefan1980
Crap, crap crap hit the post icon. Reading this on my phone tried to enlarge screen. Meant to finish with Morganrimming Spencer's sweet ass. That is one perfect "hold one cheek in each hand" butt. Not big but nicely shaped. Yum wanna bite bite bite those tender juicy cheeks. Gently of course. Just enough to make him give a sexy little squeak.
7/9/2014 c1 Gubefan1980
Damn I want those two together. Now we need one with morgan rimming Spencer's sww
11/16/2013 c1 LostAmongstTheStars
That was HOT!
9/18/2013 c1 Guest
I can't wait for their next office day either. Oh please write a story about it.
7/5/2013 c1 8Lover of gays
Nice (:
3/3/2013 c1 11Motaku1235
Hot and sexy with just enough fluff!
1/1/2013 c1 49mykkila09
this was so bloody hot!...u should totally write a second part to this; like what morgan was saying about the office day...it sounds just as hot, even hotter than this one; reid getting fucked by morgan, getting filled and then having to wear the plug all day, getting teased, building the tension and then...BAM!

lol sorry...got caught up...really enjoyed this
12/5/2012 c1 Raeya
That was so hot
10/15/2012 c1 Livelygirl838
Well there be sequel to this
10/13/2012 c1 Life Will Keep Coming
Can u please do the work day that would be awesome
8/24/2012 c1 organizedchaos
damn but your smut stories are always so fuckin hot! i love that you write about so many specific kinks. this is just awesome keep it up! (btw you are always the first author i recommend when someone asks for good smut, usually its your story 'change my needs' just so you know)
8/19/2012 c1 2AmethystsOnyx
Im looking forward to their next office day, too. Awesome!
8/13/2012 c1 Siess
Guuuh. Just... UNF. Holy mother of everything holy and wonderful, this was... amazing, insanely hot, so fucking filthy, I think I might just go explode now. I absolutely loved it!
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