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for My Infinite List of Nicknames

7/29/2012 c1 3sumikitty
It wasn't OOC! It was perfection! (eyes cloud over and goes into fangirl mode)

I wonder what Dawn is going to be nicknamed... heck, the TV series already has Paul give her a nickname so there really is no reason to make up one. Hint, hint: Troublesome.

God, I love Ikarishipping so much...

For some reason I want to see Paul give Drew and May a nickname... I guess it's the fact that Drew has green hair, and May has floppy dog ears that make me wonder what possible nicknames he could give them...
7/29/2012 c1 Lightning
It was nice to see the world trough Paul's eyes, I guess.
7/29/2012 c1 3J-ster
This seems like an interesting story and I think it'd be cool to see how Paul would view certain characters and of course Ash gets nicknamed Pathetic (Paul's favourite word I think). I guess I'd like to see one for Barry.

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