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9/30/2017 c10 waitingforAslan
Loved the story! Noah was a great character, and you absolutely crushed me with what Dean went through, not just at the hands of the vampires but also emotionally. I've always felt Sam was a little selfish (perhaps because of being the youngest), and I see that with the way he calls Dean after his vision of Lucifer assuming of course he could get back together and never ever thinking about what his leaving has done to his brother (or what dangers his brother faced while they were apart). To me, it wasn't until after Metatron killed Dean and he came back as a demon that Sam finally stepped up to be less self-absorbed. I love how you detailed all the mixed thoughts Dean had - wanting to be with Sam, wanting to protect Sam, wanting to protect Sam by being physically with him yet thinking that the only way to REALLY protect Sam was keeping him away from hunting (and thus away from demons and their blood), being hurt that Sam left but also thinking Sam leaving was safer for Sam. Argh! Such a twisted world they live in. In the end, they keep fighting and they stick together.

Again, thanks for this story that helped me ignore my own less-than-enjoyable life and experience a world of danger, grief, and love.
11/30/2015 c2 54Woman of Letters
Supernatural Fanfiction Monthly Awards Review:

This story was beautifully written - from that first visceral scene of Dean hung in the vampire meat locker to the last scene, where Dean is having a conversation in his head where he admits tha maybe there is a chance of redemption, while talking to Sam. The horror of what Dean faced in that town, without Sam as backup, while at the same time battling his own feelings of Sam's rejection and abandonment was heartbreaking. It was good he had Noah to come in and connect with him while on the hunt - good for Dean and good for Noah.

Noah has become my favorite OC so far in any Supernatural fanfic. He's got a wonderful background, and he's that combination of soldier, hunter and other that you rarely see done so well in the Supernatural universe. He's got enough in common with Dean that the two seem to just fall into synch - understanding each other where others might have to take years to reach that level of partnership.

You very skillfully played with the theme of being the "lone wolf" vs. working as a team, as well as the ideas of redemption and revenge, and how this all fits (or doesn't fit) into the hunter lifestyle. And you touched on a theme that's a major part of SPN - the concept of monster vs. human and black and white vs. shades of grey. Noah very obviously fits into those shades of grey; it takes Dean time to accept that, but it's Noah's actions that makes Dean realize that he doesn't deserve to die because of what he is. Sam has a harder time of it. John would just have shot him on sight, once his curse came to light.

I especially liked the way you developed the question of needing a partner, through action and thorugh Dean's thoughts, throughout the story. Your point, that Dean really does need someone there was so true. Sam is always said to be the more sociable brother, warming to people and understanding them, but Dean really does get people very quickly and he needs someone - a special someone, usually Sam, to keep his head on straight. Most writers don't get that.

Thanks for doing such a great job with the characterization! I look forward to reading more Noah stories.
11/27/2015 c10 SPNReadingManiac
Supernatural Fan Fiction Monthly Awards Review: November 2015

Your craftsmanship and experience in writing shows in the leap into action, drawing the reader into the story. It’s always a pleasure reading a story written by an author well-versed in using language to deftly create mood, to express feeling explicitly.

I was surprised a little to find that balance of action, of dialogue, thought and description had become over-weighted to the thoughts of the character instead of being as evenly varied as I’ve enjoyed in your other work. Dean’s crushing introspection felt at odds with the more pragmatic part of his character; some form of self-penance he appeared to be wallowing in and that mired the story for long moments until action could once again move it on.

The introduction of Noah, and the very smooth entry into the lore of different types of vampires was well done. I enjoy seeing original characters in Winchester stories, getting different perspectives on the hunting life and most of all, that blend of harsh reality as to physical and mental requirements plausibility suggests a hunter must have, and the writer’s skill to bring that to life. The action was at first slightly stilted, some phrasing pulling me out of the fast-paced moment, but seemed to smooth out later on.

Occasional mixed metaphors, spelling errors and repetitive use of words suggested that although the editing was thorough and careful, no fresh eye was available to check the final draft. That seems to be endemic with most of the best writers on the site and the very small errors were easily overlooked. There was quite a lot of repetition in some parts, not just of words but of thought and feeling and description, which was jarring; and some odd characterisation in others. It was interesting that the sections from Noah’s unique point of view were not only more balanced in the various story elements and remained compelling, but that Noah’s characterisation seemed more precise and truthful than Dean’s as well.

I very much enjoyed the fact that you did not ignore the impact on Dean of Hell and his time as tortured/torturer there, although consistent failure of observation that in Hell no one is innocent is less enjoyable. I also enjoyed the preparation that he took for the hunt, meticulously researching and gathering information. The lack of canon consensus on Dean’s research skills is a farce.

Description and scene building were well done, giving good visualisations of the surroundings most of the time. Can I just say here that I was thrilled to see the descriptive term ‘hooded sweatshirt’ used instead of the gag-inducing slang term ‘hoodie’? It was also a pleasure to see regular activities used to provide thinking time, reactions, and those deepened the intimacy between reader and characters, provided within the practical framework of beautifully observed everyday necessities and chores. So few writers seem to realise that adding those activities – showering, shaving, eating etcetera – give both a reflective moment for the character and reader, automatically changing pace and easing tension, but also help the reader to develop more understanding of the character just as one might with living with a real person. It’s a lovely touch.

Curiously, or perhaps not, the last five chapters were far more powerfully written than the first five. That isn’t to say that the first five were not well-written, by the way, only that in spite of the careful introduction of the story’s premise and original character (and his secret did not come as a surprise at all, a testament to how skilfully the clues were planted), the shift into action-oriented scenes, interspersed far more thinly with personal angst, started the engine and gave the story a much stronger momentum. Not only that but in using the interaction of the characters, revelations are stronger, more epiphanies than self-lecturing, which is more in character for both men – at least, in my single opinion.
11/13/2015 c2 110LeeMarieJack
Supernatural Fan Fiction Monthly Awards Review:

I find your OC Noah to be interesting and original. Unfortunately this story's pace is some what sluggish and has failed to keep my interest. I would suggest a little less Angst and a little more action. Physical descriptions, appearances and landscapes could make more it all more engaging.
11/10/2015 c1 LeeMarieJack
Supernatural Fan Fiction Monthly Awards Review:

What an intense beginning. I remember the episode when Sam left and the beautiful forested hillside in the background. This exploration of Dean's mental landscape is a wonderful pace of work. I have a feeling you are leading me onward into the darkness. I believe I'll follow your light through the dark.
6/24/2015 c10 SGAavidreader
Wonderful story. I didn't think I would like it (probably why I never read it until now) due to Sam and Dean not being together for most of it. I wish I had read it long ago, the character of Noah and the resolution of Dean and Sam's feelings regarding the situation the show had them in were very well voiced for me. I was so hoping Noah would walk out of that house after a slight delay and when he didn't believed you had actually had him perish. I was very relieved that was not the case. He could always show up again to help fight the darkness...
5/20/2015 c5 2LunaBianca
Yowza. The meat locker is truly horrific. The parallels to hell...
5/20/2015 c3 LunaBianca
I've been waiting for a reveal that Kincaid is more than human. ;) Intriguing. I wonder how the curse works and how he's tied in with these vamps?

Dean, you are a better hunter than this! I get he's shaken to be alone and indulging a gank-first-question-later urge, but I still want him to impress Kincaid. LOL
5/19/2015 c1 LunaBianca
This story starts strong, so many soul-shaping dynamics to explore. You capture the twined anger and longing, the fear and confidence, the striving for purpose and absolution. When you write Dean or Sam or even Bobby I feel as if you know them inside out, they are just as vivid and true as they are on TV (and in my head).

And the opening sets up horrific violation and physical trama for our hero. Can I cheer about that? Of course I can! This is Supernatural!

I've been reading some of your stories without gifting reviews; I apologize for being so selfish. Please know I love all of your words and am so grateful you share them!
2/16/2015 c9 birdandbear
I just want you to know that I'm not done with this chapter; Dean and Noah are currently in the lair getting their asses kicked. I've been dragging my feet finishing this story for nearly a week now because I don't want to say goodbye to Noah.

However this turns out - and god I want Noah to live - very, very well done. The story is engaging and well written (great pacing too!), but I'm always super impressed with a really well drawn original character.

If he lives, maybe bring him back sometime?

I don't comment enough, but I've been reading several of your stories and have enjoyed them all. Please keep it up!
3/11/2014 c10 1Abzy
Wow! This story is SO amazing!
I wish it wasn't over :(
But I love it! Keep writing!
10/6/2013 c10 148Marcus S. Lazarus
Interesting bit of work, to say the least.
Dean’s time hunting solo after the Apocalypse is one period of his life that I never considered until I found this story, and your exploration of it is excellent, beginning with a very dramatic opening scene and progressing from there to create avery interesting storyline.
The introduction of Noah made an interesting character, presenting us with a chilling vision of what the hunters we’re more familiar with could become if they didn’t have each other to serve as a human connection, and your exploration of his unusual nature was very well-handled, dropping us enough hints to realise that he’d not a conventional hunter without giving us any definite clues as to what he is instead until the time is right.
That said, the ‘Underworld’ fan in me definitely liked the final revelation; in a world with so many creatures inhabiting it, it’s almost tragic that we’ve seen so little information about how the different ‘races’ interact with each other, so it was fascinating to see how Noah and Luke’s conflict was exacerbated by their transformations, leading into a very dramatic and very bloody final confrontation as Dean witnesses an unpleasant example of what he and Sam could have become if circumstances had been less kind…
Plus, of course, Dean’s own thoughts were excellent; he might be harsh at times, but Dean’s major strength as a hunter has always been his resolve to save innocents over killing monsters if it’s a choice between one or the other, and it’s good to see him acknowledge the need to remain connected to avoid becoming someone who doesn’t care.
So… any chance of a sequel in the future?
Maybe you could do a case involving the Winchesters and Castiel having to team up with Noah and Lenore (I’d ask for Meg as well, but that might be pushing it); can you imagine the tension of having a vampire, a werewolf and an angel in the same place?
I don’t know whether it would result in the recipe for a bizarre supernatural sitcom or a straightforward high-stake threat, but it would definitely be fascinating either way…
7/20/2013 c10 4Freya922
This was such a terrific story, and I really appreciated how it was set during one of those terribly painful periods when Sam and Dean are separated. I was in knots over Dean's post-Hell torment, and how it made his encounters with the nosferatu worse. (They were unbelievably horrifying, by the way, your descriptions leaving me looking over my shoulder and turning on the lights.) Noah is a wonderful character and I wish he was really on the show. I like Benny a lot, but Noah's back story has got WAY more potential for angst that aligns with the Winchesters'. The whole parallel with his brother, Luke, going dark, themes of anger, hate, loss, forgiveness... confronting Dean as he struggles with the same... Add on top that Noah's got his own (werewolf) problem... A very engaging mixture of elements! But what got to me most throughout was your description of Dean struggling with having let Sam go, and if it was the right thing, and what to do next. You wove the events of the show in perfectly, including the horror of Lucifer showing up to let Sam know he was his 'one true vessel.' I was weak with relief by the time you reunited the brothers. Awesome job. :)
7/15/2013 c5 Freya922
Dean's descent into the vampire 'meat locker' was described so well, I was shuddering with horror. Jeez! What really killed me, though, was Dean's continuing guilt regarding Hell, his sense of shame and just plain badness, and his belief he deserves to suffer...as if he hasn't suffered enough. It's so unfair that someone so heroic and loving (when it comes to family) ends up feeling so worthless. Sob.
7/13/2013 c1 Freya922
I don't usually review multi-chapter fics until the very end, but I just had to say something sooner in this case. I am completely hooked by this story! It is fascinating to follow Dean through a time when he is in such devastation and without his brother. Even though I love stories where the brothers are in harmony, I think it's even more challenging to capture the complexities when their relationship is shattered and they're not sure how to find their way back to each other. You have done a beautiful job of illustrating Dean living through the utter loneliness of hitting the road without Sam while coping with the aftermath of Hell and the prospect of the Apocalypse.

I also really admire the way you turn a phrase. I was especially struck by this one:

"Dean pressed his lips close. There was a reason he kept stuff inside where no one else could see it. When he let even a little of it out, the mass oozed, slipping through the cracks of his grasp like mercury, following paths he couldn't anticipate." What a great metaphor!

Anyway - off to read more. :)
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