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4/30/2017 c7 20Nikki Pond
Well I hope u update soon because I wonder how Sherlock is going to solve this case
11/29/2013 c7 A Mad Hatter
Oh my gosh. Excellent excellent story! Aahh! Sherlock! DON'T DIE! Not right now - not yet! I also liked how you characterized Sally. Great job.
...I don't mean to nit-pick, please understand - I love your writing: However, I spotted a few misspellings.
* the chapter title - "Chapter 7: Cheapter Seven"
* Lestrade - "'Unless...,' Leastrade began."; "Lestarde shivered"
* grammar "Unless your him." (should be you're)
By the way - Thank you so much for updating! I enjoyed this chapter. ;-)
11/28/2013 c7 Guest
What ever is happening to Sherlock is so weeird! But I love it.
I'm not familiar with the slender man story but this story is so really great.
11/29/2013 c6 nowsusieq
Oooh, creepier and creepier. This is so good so far - and another chapter to read...
11/29/2013 c4 nowsusieq
That is cool with the 221B. This is an intriguing story, and there are several more chapters to read to catch up.
11/29/2013 c7 19Menea111
Yeah, that's great to have another chapter! You are really doing well, it remind me well of Marble Hornets and its angsty atmosphere. I really wonder how Sherlock is going to explain what happened.
11/1/2013 c6 A Mad Hatter
Please write more; your story's very excellent so far - in all ways possible: the style, the grammar/spelling, the plot, the details, the characterization - all brilliant. You are a great author. I await the next chapter fervently. ;-)
9/25/2013 c6 12Princess Unikitty
interesting development. keep it up.
9/23/2013 c6 19Menea111
YES! Another chapter, it's just so great! I really like it, I hope Sherlock will have another encounter with Slender Man soon!
9/6/2013 c5 Menea111
I seriously hope you'll continue, it's just so awesome! Okay gory and creepy but awesome, I want to know the end! I love how Sherlock is completely lost, hope he will beat the crap out of Slender!
8/6/2013 c4 12Princess Unikitty
great chapter. very well paced.
11/26/2012 c3 53Zelda12343
Wow. This is really suspenseful! I am seriously beginning to wonder if the Slenderman is really behind it in this story.
10/22/2012 c3 LoryLily
9/28/2012 c3 Indigo Ninja
Huh, never thought I'd go for some Sherlock fic. Update soon please! :D
9/15/2012 c3 verymuchdeactivatedddd
Please, please, please can you update this? I love this story so, so much but it's been ages since a new chapter was posted. Pleeeaaassseee? *stares up hopefully*
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