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for Batman AU How Far Men Can Fall

6/9/2019 c3 zev.jagalur
Awww,I really like the universe you've been excellent take on the Nolanverse.
However,I would suggest that rather than changing the other heroes to be more like Dark! Bruce,that Bruce and Talia gradually manipulate them to be darker like to be sure Joker Immunity remains intact-it will be fascinating to see how the villians evolve in this new environment.
Keep up the great work.I hope you continue this soon!
8/30/2016 c3 albirehpali
You should make selina and bruce fall in love even tho you made her younger. Since hes bad in the story you will need her to make him good again. my opinion it would be nice
1/29/2016 c3 Frances Yozawitz
What happed to Robin?
9/6/2015 c3 Goose
"I'll be releasing chapter 3 very soon."

-November 4th, 2012
7/18/2013 c1 6Bayfire
I love this story already! This story should seriously have more reviews. I love the idea behind this AU. Too many AU's are cliché, but this one really grabs my attention with the originality and creativity of the setting and differences in the characters. This story is so believeable, that I could truly see these characters acting this way should these differences be made in the original story. I just wanted to say what an excellent job you've done so far. I couldn't wait to review and and I can't wait to review more!
7/11/2013 c2 3takes06
again this is absolutely brilliant :)
7/11/2013 c1 takes06
this is actually an interesting take on the dark knight, i really enjoyed it, very curious to see how all this pans out in the end :) you have awesome ideas, will be reading more soon...
I too have my own take on the Dark Knight Movies, still getting it together...BTW Super Thanks for the "favourite and Follow, much apprecaited, i'm very new here...Keep the Imagination Flowing...Peace
4/3/2013 c3 Guest
Update as soon as you can please! I'm kneeling down begging for you to updat this storyT_T wahhhhhh don't abandon Talia and Bruce ;( wheewww crying took most of my energy ! Anyways I like your fic it's really really reallyyyy coollllll And cuteeeeeee and sadddddddddd I'm sorry I'm being annoying I'm going to stop now!
2/21/2013 c3 blahblah4234
Waiting for your update, Buddy..Yours is a fresh take on Bruce/Miranda Pair which is very rare.
Please update soon?
Thank you!
2/14/2013 c3 Guest
Will john be in ur story and ur selina reminds me of the female robin (Carrie) i wish ur chapters were longer but than again my story only has 1 chapter with 500 words
2/14/2013 c3 Guest
please upload chapter 3 i need Harley and Ivy it s been so long it s like ur don t right anymore
1/7/2013 c2 saraleo
Again, really good. I hope you continue this.
Also, good job with putting in it the more 'supernatural' parts of the DC universe - the whole point of Nolan's saga is that he makes everything rational (hence why Ra's is not immortal and so on) and I love that you're doing the same (turning the Pits into a R&D project). It's really good.
1/7/2013 c1 saraleo
I'm totally loving this. Really. I'm a total sucker for any kind of story involving Talia, and this literally mde my day.
11/25/2012 c3 number1don
I like this story I really do, but adding things from the comics I think is spoiling it a little bit. That gritty realistic feeling from Nolan's movies is being lost.
11/10/2012 c2 Guest
This is as good as the nolan trilogy. I found this story by accident and Im glad i did.
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