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9/18/2013 c8 Guest
I am really looking forward to life of a drifter, if it makes any difference to you.
9/12/2013 c7 smokeapound
ok just reas this story all the way to this ... were the fuck is the real update ?
update or i will fucking kill you
8/27/2013 c7 Mackayo
The story is great! And yes, SOPA is bad, mkay!
8/25/2013 c3 Goldrune09
Noooo! Anything but the dark fire! lmao, great chapter, looking forward to more harry/fleur interaction.
8/25/2013 c7 Serafitar
I did what you wrote to my friends in facebook envoy thanks for the warning
8/25/2013 c5 garrettwolf
Dude you should write the lemons
8/25/2013 c7 8MKTerra
The public outrage from SOPA being passed would be so tremendous the governments wouldn't be able to deal with it. There would be riots. I know how stupid the US government is, and I'm sure they wouldn't do it. Resembles communism too much.
8/25/2013 c6 lou2003us
Quite interesting.
8/24/2013 c7 ASS
Im gonna repot you for dont post a chapter but this stupid crap. you waste my time you fucking moron
8/24/2013 c7 4tanis19
Well damn that sucks! I thought we got rid of that. But then again I am not that suprised. This country is all about Freedom of Speech then they try and pull this shit.
8/24/2013 c7 Alyksandr
I read about this today and signed a petition and almost clicked the button where I would get emails from the obama administration grr... HATE THE NATIONAL SCREEN ACTORS GUILD FOR COMING UP WITH THIS VILE IDEA
8/24/2013 c7 1Chosen-One-92
Look i'm not being a bastard here but copying and pasting something onto stories doesn't stop government bills, the same as 'liking' a facebook status does not change anything. Is there some sort of petition that people from are all signing though? I mean one, not just one that some know of, having 5 or 6 with a few thousand signitures isnt exactly the same.

Also, to my knowledge there are already several authors who forbid fanfiction around their stories, and I struggle to see how the SOPA bill will make someone like J. for example want to press charges against everyone with a literary idea to expand on her creation. Heck someone even wrote a series about Harry Potters son and his adventures and not only did she not press charges, she encouraged people to read it. Maybe I'm missing some of the links as to how SOPA will go from music and video games to fanfiction now. Guess I'll have to look into it a bit more.
5/19/2013 c2 4Blazelord
(Reads the sirius flashback and gets to the Santa part) DAFUQ DID I JUST READ?!
4/19/2013 c4 Addictive Label
I seriously laughed when i read that some retard made you take down your lemon. Ofc its similar, the normal process to have sex usually entail eachothers genitalias to be used. Anyhow good chapter looking forward for more
4/13/2013 c5 Akuma-Heika
I want to read the lemon please! On another site?
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