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12/21/2015 c3 Guest
For gods sake! Do something on your grammar. A sentence without a point and massives of 'and's is even in garcias case TOO MUCH!
"Oh hunny you'll be a fantastic mom and you'll learn and you defiantly will not be alone you have the whole team to help you and Derek he won't leave you because you're having a baby he was taking to me the other day saying that he can't wait to make a family with you he loves you so much and everyone knows it, so don't worry ok!

Speak it out loud, it's as if someone was hunting you, as if you need to flee! Use commata, that is that: ,,,,,,,,!
9/24/2012 c11 4Lauhaa
8/29/2012 c8 10crimeseriesfan
Curious to know what happens next! And I just want to say I like the name Keeley 3
8/28/2012 c8 Paul
Magnficently,fabulously and terrific chapter as always by you. Oh no i hope Emily and Keeley both will be okay. I love the drama you added but i hope everyone will be all fine as it is superb and fantastic work by you as always. Please update when you can and i cannot wait to read more as always.
8/28/2012 c8 Tony Morales
Wow i hope Emily will be alright and poor Keeley she is feeling sick hope she will be okay too. It is a possibility Keeley could sense that her mother is not feeling well too and that connection with her mother knowing something is wrong is making her cry as well. It is a good thing Derek told Garcia to go there since she is much closer. Fantastic work by you as always, anxious to read more.
8/20/2012 c7 Paul
Another amazing and terrific chapter. Aww that is so sweet that they have a beautiful baby girl and i really love the name Keeley such a very beautiful name. Cannot wait to read more,please update when you can
8/20/2012 c7 Catulicious
I loved this! It was fun and sweet.
I like the name you choose for the baby, it would be super cute to see Derek with his little princess!
Cant wait for more :D
8/20/2012 c7 1practiced poses
Great story. It's so cute. But you have to be 10cm dialated to begin delivery, not 6, so you might wanna change that. :3
8/17/2012 c6 Tony Morales
More heartwarming and touching dialogue here in this chapter as it is very nice to see things are really going well with the baby. We are all continually loving all of this and we are looking very forward to more of this story.
8/17/2012 c6 michan92
Awww so cute :)
8/16/2012 c6 Paul
Another sweet,fabulous and awesome chapter as always by you. I am so glad they baby is healthy and going really strong that he or she is kicking up a storm there, probably the baby will be interested in football like Derek lol. I cannot wait to read more and please update when you can.
8/14/2012 c5 Tony Morales
That is so terrific you will be writing a sequel to this story as i know we will all love the sequel just as equally as this magnificent story. I love the reaction of the team to their happy announcement news
8/14/2012 c5 Catulicious
This was great!
Im glad the team was happy for them!
Morgan is so sweet, i bet hell be an amazing father!
Cant wait to see if it is a boy or a girl! lol
Glad you are writing a sequel!:D
8/14/2012 c5 Paul
Another fabulous and awesome chapter by you as always. I am really happy that the team took the news so well and gave them all the loving support they needed and deserved. Cannot wait to read more, please update when you can.
8/14/2012 c5 29lizzabet
Glad they told the team so soon:)
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