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11/20 c37 twotoe
I really hope that you decide to come back to this story! I have read it from start to where we are now and am HOOKED. I'd love to see an update and to see what happens next.
10/26 c6 darthkratos24
Hmm I see why the other said the lady Hogwarts interruption was unneeded. It really was, just makes the piece feel like forced into an info dump. Would of been for better if your harry just admitted to shit like we know he would of after those to shitty slip ups. Lord training my arse
10/26 c4 darthkratos24
No wonder this harry is so pathetic, such a ridiculously easy target for bullying. "someone shoots a stunner instead of trying to move or defend myself let me just fucking stand here like a gormless twat ready to be blasted..." Idiot. I understand why Ron thinks he couldn't survive Tommy boy this harry doesn't know a lick of magic and just let's people shoot spells at him no wonder this story died and burned good god's. I'm going to keep reading for now for the lols it'll give me,
10/24 c37 JOHN0713
This story is very entertaining a real page turner!
I hope all is well.
10/18 c37 The Courier 2281
Hope to see more updates, soon! :) 8.8/10
10/5 c37 perlcat45
Great story!
10/4 c37 John Ciaccio
Thanks for a great story.
9/13 c27 5BarbedCaress
This is such a wonderfully told tale
I find myself near tears at times, other times smiling broadly, and occasionally laughing in surprise or mirth
Well Done!
9/12 c1 Sebine
is this fic/the author dead?
9/12 c1 Sebine
is this fic/the author dead?
9/9 c23 1seaweedbrainwisegirl07
I am slowly losing interest in the story. The plot shifted its focus from Harry-Bella interactions and relationship development (which was beautifully written) to politics and dark conspiracies. While politics and schemes have their flair, I feel that the storyline is getting unnecessarily complicated due to too many Villans/antagonists, too much OC Dumbledore, a lot of flashbacks and past(the 1800s) stuff; and there is no Harry-Bella involvement in the plot. It is completely taken a back seat.
9/9 c37 5cg037
A great story so far, keep up the good work.
9/9 c37 reberebecca
Ciao. Chissà se leggerai la mia recensione in questa marea di commenti. Beh più di 5.000 commenti stanno a chiarire senza dubbio che la tua storia è fantastica. Anche ben scritta con una marea di informazioni e dedizione che cattura il lettore catapultandolo in questo tuo mondo così ben descritto e originale. A un certo punto ti sei così tanto allontanata da diventare una storia del tutto originale e meno fanfic di Harry Potter. Ho apprezzato davvero. Ma devo anche dire che mi sono un po’ persa lungo la strada. È stato difficile seguire tutti questi intrighi e politica. Veramente troppa politica e programmazione intrecciata da troppi personaggi. Se non era una fanfic quindi conoscevo già i paesaggi sarebbe stato impossibile seguirti. Per me si è perso un po’ di trama senza avere mai una fine. La stessa trama allungata al infinito senza risolvere i nodi della storia nell frattempo. Conclusione… una storia meravigliosa ma che lungo la strada ha iniziato ad annoiarmi purtroppo. Questo non distoglie da essere una storia che merita di essere letta. Spero che posterai presto. Magari capitoli più concreti che concludono e non solo aprono nuove domande e intrighi. Grazie per la storia. Complimenti!
9/8 c12 1seaweedbrainwisegirl07
Oh no! Should have just fired of a piercing curse ar Malfoy's heart before fleeing. Harry's arrival to this world would not have been recognised for some time.
9/8 c6 seaweedbrainwisegirl07
A good chapter, but I wish Lady Hogwarts interfered less (maybe just giving Harry the required push to open up to Bellatrix and add to their conversation whenever necessary), and Harry and Bellatrix learn these things while conversing with each other. It would have made their relationship strong.
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