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10/22 c5 MeMiss0-0
Dang it I would have love ot of theu were in the past
10/14 c3 Guest
Nah man this shit is disgusting just off yourself fast
10/8 c35 31monbade
wish we had more
9/14 c37 Guest
This story is amazing. Please continue it
9/6 c37 7Nuincalion Griffondor
I absolutely love this story and I cannot wait for the next chapter
9/6 c37 Edgar Allen Poet
It did rekindle the interest, and chance ofmanother? Weve waited ever so patiently. Please.
8/27 c37 1Jordan Cross
not quite sure why I saw disappointed reviews, I say ignore the shit that isn't praise or constructive criticism because I love this story! continue the hard work, and I hope life doesn't throw you any more curve balls!
8/26 c37 JLscioly
Ahhh, well, updating 0lease
8/14 c37 Guest
the complete stupidity of this story.

full of stupid bullshit.
8/2 c37 1989bronco4x4
My interest has been rekindled. I hope you find the time to finish this story and that you're doing ok
8/1 c37 Lee Nazer
Please update great story
7/28 c14 11Worldmaker
I hate it when fanfiction authors feel the need to use "-nee" every time they mention a married woman's name.

Its stupid and its unnecessary.
7/24 c30 Ricardo
I’m pretty upset that Harry told lily about his past she is far to young to understand and you made it seem like she matured overnight. You seem to be writing randomly now Harry even with future knowledge is unable to really do anything significant towards Voldy along with Dumbledore. Also Dumbledore charming an entire castle of children? I’m pretty sure the kids would notice if not their parents would discover magic placed on them when they get home. You give Harry protections based on his house ring yet their are other students who are heirs and have no protection. Pretty ridiculous
7/22 c37 stanley2
Love this story!
7/20 c37 NaruhinaloverUA
Nicely written and interesting story. Really liked this HarryXBellatrix fanfic. Hope you continue this story and come back from your hiatus soon. Keep up the great work and update soon.
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