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10/6 c9 MasaruUchiha
I'll be disappointed if he forgives Hermione, I read darker/betrayed fics because I like a Harry that isn't friends with Hermione or Ron.
9/18 c37 benjibooji8
I hope you continue this story,it has been a joy to read! I sincerely hope you do this work the justice of an ending for those of us avid readers that have been drawn into your fantastic fanfic.
9/11 c14 gohan210
When are you going to update your story. It's been over 4 years I hope you're well enough to continue with it.
9/6 c37 Guest
Can you please continue it's been too long since last update
9/7 c1 muffdyvr
did the pussy ever get his cloak back
9/3 c14 PGHammer
Okay; the "boogeyman's boogeyman" - or House in this case - is back with a vengeance. And Tom Riddle and his merry misfits are the deserving targets - a generation early.
8/5 c1 Loremaster912
I really enjoyed binge reading this and I hope that you are safe and healthy.
7/27 c37 Katescats
Hi just read your story again it was still very good wish you would write more chapters. I would love to know what or who made some movement.
7/28 c18 Bjalf

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
7/25 c12 harry is stupid
Shoulda just cast a bombarda or even a bombarda maxima at the fuckers chest
7/9 c37 DeMoss6913
absolutely love this story and have been following this for a while now I hope you get better
6/29 c37 Guest
Incredibly written with a well thought out plot. Take your time and get well. I, for one will still be here to read the rest.
6/27 c37 1Vanipraveen
Please update. Lovely storyline
6/21 c37 Guest
Hi Jerr, I hope you're doing well. I hope you'll continue the story and maybe forcus more in Harry and Bella ... Hopefully they'll get pregnant soon
Best regards
6/11 c29 leadwolf72
why do every wright so all the woman in harrys life can fuck him up but hes the one to be sorry. hes been beat his hole life theres no way he would forgive them. and he is still lord black so his bitch wife could not hurt him
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