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for Shadow Of The Snake

9/11 c4 Guest
I love this story! It's very well written and the grammar is amazing! Lots of fanfiction has distasteful grammar in it and it's hard to find one that lives up to my standards. But you've met my standards and then have continued to impress me. I was right, you didn't disappoint ne in the slightest. I can't wait to read more od this wonderful story, keep up the good work! I know you won't disappoint me.
9/11 c3 Guest
I agree with you, I really hate it when authors rush the story. So I don't mind if you take the plot slow, I would prefer it actually. I'm not saying you have to do it though, if you change your mind that's fine too. But for now I'm glad we're on the same page.
Keep up the wonderful work!
9/10 c1 Guest
I LOVE THIS! The story is very well written and quite interesting. A lot of fanfiction I come across is lazily written and the plot isn't very captivating, but you made this story an absolute wonder! The plot is extremely interesting and captivating, and it's so well written too. I haven't read a story this amazingly well written in a while, so thank you for this amazing treat. I greatly look forward to reading more.
Keep up the good work, I know you won't disappoint me.
9/6 c2 TsukuyoGintoki
I'm dropping after chapter 2. he is too calculating and too mature (in some ways). he is only 11. It's not believable. if you know anything about manipulative people at all you would know there isn't this much thinking that goes into it. it's natural for them. they don't have to think out every little reaction.

on one hand he gets annoyed at Dumbledore for not explaining enough but he was the one who told Dumbledore to leave.

he wouldn't know there would be more money because he wouldn't know how banks work.

Dumbledore is no pushover, some child would not be able to make him leave like that, especially one that he was concerned was too much like Voldemort.

when he went to buy his trunk we wouldn't know if those were good trunks or not. If anything, once he was told "this is the best", he would accept it because he has no knowledge to tell him differently.
8/31 c2 16Coolfire30
I've recently found this fanfic once more, and I've couldn't be more happy!
6/4 c8 Guest
Nooooooooooooo there won’t be any more chapters of this will there
6/4 c3 Guest
V for vendetta much?
5/29 c8 Guest
Next chapter
5/20 c1 Nagato wannabe
Wish u would continue this story
5/20 c3 Nagato wannabe
5/19 c2 Guest
Dumb requirements so this is a drop
2/14 c2 Guest
Yeah dropped when I read the “ag this wand was made by my father” so fucking dumb
2/6 c8 Bright Omumuabuike
please, continue this story.
1/26 c8 scyfly
the first book of jkr was 76k long, you have 60k and it is still the first week. so yes it is way to long
1/26 c1 scyfly
yeah they way harry is 'manipulating' dumbledore is so transparant there is no way in hell this would work.

im sorry but this story is really not doing it for me. the cliche plot the obvious and unrealistic way it happens
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