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Nickname(s): South

Age:12(human years)



Weight:You chose


Skin color:pale

Eyes (color, shape, etc.)green and large

Hair (color, style, length, etc.):long and brown with red highlights

Facial Features (Do they have a large nose? High cheekbones? Freckles? Etc.):Tons of freckles


Everyday:A Royale navy uniform

Formal:A short dress

Pyjamas:plaid pyjamas

Swimwear:Black one piece

Athletic:shorts and a tank top

Accessories:flower crown



Background (family, where they live, major events, etc.):One of England’s daughters

Fear (reason is optional):Scared of new people

Quote(s) from character (MANDATORY 5-9):Eat you’ll feel better

Who would be their friends?:Everyone


Love interest(s)?:None



Drink:Chocolate milk



Movie:Harry Potter

Artist/Band:panic at the disco

Song:Victorious by patd


Medical conditions?:blind in one eye
7/27/2014 c2 3Becky999
Please continue with this, I really enjoy it. And are you still accepting OCs?
1/28/2013 c2 FreakingZebra

Name: Oxford/Oxfordshire (Johnny Kirkland)

Nickname(s): Nope

Age: 21

Birthday: 1st May

Height: 5"11

Weight: N/A


Skin color: Pale

Eyes (color, shape, etc.) Bright Green

Hair (color, style, length, etc.): Dark brown/black, messy hair

Facial Features (Do they have a large nose? High cheekbones? Freckles? Etc.): Semi-large eyebrows, not very high cheekbones


Everyday: Hoodie (university Oxford one :3), jeans, wellies OR cotton shirt, jeans, converse

Formal: Oxford university student robes/black suit.

Pyjamas: light green with a book pattern

Swimwear: British flag trunks

Athletic: Black polo shirt and shorts, white socks and blue trainers.

Accessories: Pocket watch, reading glasses, iPod and over-head headphones.


Personality: Quite quiet, intelligent, enjoys music and playing gutair/piano, talking to people from different countries, scheming with his siblings Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire and London, best county at magic, loves reading books and writing them, interested in photography and flying planes, enjoys trivial things and works partly in the British army whilst teaching at his university and working with scout groups, likes playing cricket and cycling, walking his dogs in the countryside, archery, one of the better county's at cooking, often teased by his siblings for having such a small city, long term rivalry with Gloucestershire, known to be tsundere, protective, loves winding England up but in the end has a very close relationship to him.

Background (family, where they live, major events, etc.): Long term supporter of England in the army, was a fighter pilot in WW2, soldier in WW1 under England as captain, helped look after London, England and other places bombed in WW2 as he was not, very close to Winston Churchill and David Cameron. Still works in navy. Lives in a large Victorian house that looks out onto a small farm which he runs on the weekend when he is free. Often sleeps over in the Bodlien Library reading books and he is often tease for that.

Fear (reason is optional): Trains after a large train accident happened in his county. Water/drowning due to many floods.

Quote(s) from character (MANDATORY 5-9): "In case you hadn't bloody well noticed we are in England here!" "Sheep are really quite interesting animals."

Who would be their friends?: The other counties, in the end, England, Wales, Japan, Germany, Lithuania, Hungary, Austria, France, America, Italy, Spain etc.

Enemies?: France and America (though they are friends they annoy him often and he generally ends up calling them a 'bloody wanker!' And hits them over the head with a book. Also with his siblings likes to play pranks on them), Russia (he scares him and Russia often torments him)

Love interest(s)?: Sheep...? On a more serious note, Belguim.


Food: Shortbread

Drink. TEA

Animal: Sheep

Color: Green

Movie: Lord of the Rings/the Hobbit, Sherlock Holmes

Artist/Band: Muse

Song: National Anthem


Medical conditions?: Claustrophobic (as a lot of his county is open fields). PTSD from working in the wars for so long and watching his siblings being bombed.

Anything else I missed?: Nope :3 Except please do update! :D
1/24/2013 c1 Guest
Name: Peter (new York) jones
Nickname: Pete/ Idiot/york
Birthday:June 9
Height: 5.3 ft
Weight:( I ain't telling ya!)
Looks: like mini Netherlands without spiky hair with England's green eyes but not his eyebrows!his hair is long like Lithuanias but has more volume like England's can be tied into a short cool looking ponytail.
Personality : has spilt personality due to mafia
Usually acts like an idiot to mess with his siblings but is a genius inside and is great at acting and usually is just plain dumb
The other guy: he ties up his hair when he gets control of new york's body , name's jake.
12/14/2012 c1 RubyFairie
Name: Cambridgeshire or Juniper Kirkland.

Nickname(s): None.

Age: 14.

Birthday: She doesn't know when her birthday is.

Height: 5ft 4

Weight: 89lbs


Skin color: Pale, but with rosy cheeks.

Eyes (color, shape, etc.): Luminous, almond-shaped, green eyes.

Hair (color, style, length, etc.): Waist length, wavy dirty-blonde hair. She wears it loose, with bobby-pins pinning it off her face everyday, and on special occasions she ties the top quarter of her hair into a neat bun, and curls the rest of it.

Facial Features (Do they have a large nose? High cheekbones? Freckles? Etc.): She has slightly plump lips, normal eyebrows, and clean skin.


Everyday: White long sleeve dress-shirts, black or dark grey gymslips or skirts, dark grey or black blazers and/or cardigans or jumpers, black or grey knee-socks or tights, striped neck-ties, black leather mary-janes with silver buckles, and if she is wearing a gymslip she wears sashes around her waist that match the base-color of her neck-tie.

Formal: A bright turquoise dress that has only one shoulder, a tight silk bodice covered in flower designs made of turquoise crystals,a long turquoise tulle skirt that's colour gets lighter and lighter towards the bottom. She wears strappy silver sandals with it.

Pyjamas: A white nightgown that comes down to her shins. It has a square the neckline there are pale pink embroidered roses. The sleeves are ruffled three-quarter length with pale pink bows on them.

Swimwear: A magenta one piece halter neck swimsuit with a blue and pink print, magenta board shorts with a blue waistband.

Athletic: A white polo shirt, black soccer shorts, white athletic socks, black plimsolls.

Accessories: She has a black, rather battered, leather satchel she of then carries around with her, and when it's a normal day she wears a silver heart-shaped locket on a chain with a picture of her dad in it.


Personality: Very intelligent, logical, brave loyal, somewhat bossy, stubborn, honest, argumentative, short-tempered, caring.

Background (family, where they live, major events, etc.): Her father is England, and her siblings are the English counties. She owns a small house with an extensive underground library, and a large backyard in Comberton; a small village near Cambridge. She can't remember a lot of her life.

Fear (reason is optional): She is afraid of failing, because she doesn't want to dido point her family.

Quote(s) from character (MANDATORY 5-9): "It's not going to work." "I hate running." "That's what they want you to think." "History happens to be a fascinating subject." "Absolutely not!"

Who would be their friends?: China, Japan, England, Germany, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Italy, Cabada, Quebec, Ontario.

Enemies?: America, South Korea.

Love interest(s)?: Italy.


Food: Scones.

Drink: Tea.

Animal: Horse.

Color: Red.

Movie: The Belles of St. Trinnians.

Artist/Band: The Beatles.

Song: I'll be seeing you.


Medical conditions?: She has asthma, do she carries her puffer around with her alot.

Anything else I missed?: Nope.
8/23/2012 c1 1Timberstar
Are you going to write chapters for Toronto and Ottawa? Is this the story you were telling me about?

Anyway, I wish you luck with this. Hasta la pasta!
8/2/2012 c2 IllegalSpaghettiDealer
aww, that was cute!
8/2/2012 c1 IllegalSpaghettiDealer
Name: Anya 'Alaska' Jones

Nickname(s): Sunny

January 3
4ft 2
75 lb

Skin color: pale

Eyes (color, shape, etc.)
pale bue-purple
Hair (color, style, length, etc.):
light blonde, long, wears in pigtails everyday, but for formal events its braided
Facial Features (Do they have a large nose? High cheekbones? Freckles? Etc.):
nose like russia, only smaller, freckles.


Everyday:longsleves, boots, jeans, and a jacket (snow jacket like russia's or bomber jacket like America's)

Formal: a pale yellow dress, black sandles,

Pyjamas:long pink flanel button up shirt with sunflowers, pink and yellow flanen pants

Swimwear:one piece, has sunflower in the middle, pale pink, frills around the waist

Athletic: Yellow tanktop, black shorts

Accessories Scarf, and sunflower necklace when not wearing scarf


Really nice, quiet like canada, but can get extremely violent when angered or around Russia to long
Background (family, where they live, major events, etc.):
Lived with russia ffor most of her childhood, then moved in with america. She is afraid of russia from the thing he had done in his house, she is afraid to talk about it. Moved in with her 'Father' America when she looked about six years old.
Fear (reason is optional): Russia, who isn't afraid of him, she lived with him for long time,

Quote(s) from character (MANDATORY 5-9): 'Become one with Alaska, da?' 'Papa, can I have Vodka?'
'You will all be crushed by my power' 'Kalkalkalkal' 'you will be my friend, da?'
Who would be their friends?:
Hawaii, America and Canada
Love interest(s)?: Texas


Food: anything that isn't burgers

Drink: vodka

Animal: alaskian husky

Color: yellow

Movie: 2012

Artist/Band: greenday

Song: boulevard of broken dreams


Medical conditions?: has a lower body temp then others, and has breathing problems when really really upset

Anything else I missed?:
nope, oh, she does have a little husky pup named Raphile there,

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