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for Ben 10 meets Kid Vs Kat

10/4/2020 c20 Froppy
Mr. Kat's name is Greg?! How is Millie resurrected from the death?!
4/11/2020 c1 616fntasylover
The Omnitrix are meant to be used for good and uniting differentspecies including thats why it bonded with Ben so when Vilgax or any evil characters tries to use it,the Omnitrix either malfunction on purposed or shuts down by itself because Azmuth is very careful about creating the Omnitrix so he installed some computer bug in the device so it acts like a security unless if the enemy has an understanding of Galvan tech or an evil Galvan there is a chance that the Omnitrix it can be easily hacked and be used for evil purposes.
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