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11/10/2020 c22 3laelruin
Lovely, utterly fantastic! I loved every second of it!
Keep up the amazing work!
12/28/2018 c22 2SilverDragon1218
This is EPIC! Oh my I’m so excited! Can’t wait to read the third instillation! ONWARDS!
3/1/2017 c22 2Lucy Gaol
decent sequel, but it's weird where you end it
12/27/2015 c1 1Tlgrimn
Hi, is this a sequel? If it is, you might want to mention it in the summery or a AN. Wonderfully done btw.
10/26/2015 c1 Noxy the Proxy
6/30/2015 c3 digital hellcat
I love the bit with Lestrade's spawn Lisa. "Princess of vauge teenage angst and agitation" it makes me giggle every time I read it.
11/21/2014 c7 12IsoldeAhlstrom
Ah, interesting! Very well-written! I look forward to more chapters!
7/13/2014 c22 Esperanza
Just letting you know you are awesome!
4/27/2014 c22 22Random Flyer
I love the second story in this series even more than the first. You've done a great job expanding the characters and changing events. The juggling act you do between Moriarty, Grendel, "W" (aka John and Tim), and the Holmes Brother is very well balanced. I especially like how Mycroft and Sherlock are working under a false assumption about John and his origins and have no apparent knowledge of Grendel. It makes me wonder how and when they're going to figure it out in the next story as well as their reactions, particularly to W.

Does it make me a bad person if I kind of hope the John stays as a kid and lives with Sherlock? I honestly can't decide how I want the story to end.

Can't wait to read the next story, though I'll probably end up staying up too late again.
4/16/2014 c22 1Xandra-A
This is the most epic and majestic thing. I have no words. Thank you so much for the story.
4/10/2014 c5 9Hidden-Shadow-of-Me
Just want you to know its like the fourth time I've read through this and its still just as good as the first time. K bye!
3/19/2014 c19 CertainManiac
Man, reading this story the song "You'll Be In My Heart" by Phil Collins comes to mind. You might recognized it since its a Walt Disney song, but the lyrics for eerily perfect here. Just look up the lyrics and you'll understand why I say that. Still I love this trilogy and that fact that one of my favorite song fit the story makes it more perfect in my opinion. Keep on writing since it is obvious that you have a gift and hopefully you can keep that passion that goes with it.
2/4/2014 c12 Guest
I have a theory. Perhaps the reason why the people shot by the ray go mad is because while their brains are that of an adult's, they are in younger bodies, with impulses and urges that the older set didn't have. The struggle between the younger desires and the older strain to do differently causes an almost animalistic strain and it eventually becomes too much for them and causes them to go insane.
Just a theory.
1/27/2014 c22 Guest
continue! continue! continue!
1/1/2014 c22 10Ralina
This story was also brilliant! I especially liked the "remake" of "the great game" with Moriarty being interested in John. And the idea o Sherlock dumping John in a boarding school has potential! Brilliant!
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