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for Ad Libitum skit

4/25/2015 c4 YoukoTamakoHime
LOLOLOL. XD. Hahahaha, In the end, Yuri was the one who Astrid picked to go with, hahahaha, sorry Zelos, Leon, Luke, and Bruiser. XD
8/14/2012 c5 12Gay-critical-passion
Not impressed with this character, of course I haven't seen how he acts much. Again, read over your story!
8/6/2012 c4 Gay-critical-passion
Hahaha ah Yuri, managing to treat Astrid to Lunch in the end. Is it sad that I'm the only one that seems to be reviewing anything in the Radiant Mythology forum? It feels lonely ...
8/4/2012 c3 Gay-critical-passion
You might want to proof read this, I've found quite a bit of spelling and grammar errors in this chapter.
8/2/2012 c1 Gay-critical-passion
You did ask Mitsuki about using her characters, right?

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