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9/27 c1 nkbplays263
The scaling of rias peerage is waaaaay to high like vasto ichigo has continental level feats from hell verse. Rias and her whole peerage could maybe blow up half a block. This isnt the nasuverse, devils dont have bs conceptual hax such as immortality, absolute dominion over their concepts and reality marbles. Maybe rewrite this with rias being the heavy hitter and making the power of destruction have the concept of absolute annihilation and destroy his horns or something. Just make sure the rest of the peerage gets curbstomped.
9/12 c7 Naruhaku96
yeah I can see Rias and Ichigo being like this
8/24 c1 Guest
Lol. Joke of the year Rias and her servants taking on Vasto Lorde Ichigo and winning. He will straight up slaughter these bitches.
8/8 c14 Jose4Andres7
Will you continue with the story?
5/9 c1 Guest
LOL BULLSHIT are you stating that somehow a bunch of kids stopped ichigo on that form? What a load of bull.
4/30 c1 Guest
yeah fuck off, rais and her peerage are not that strong and should not ever pose a challenge to him at their curent level as you just said this was the rizer arc, im dropping this trash fic.
4/8 c1 3Ragnar the Rad
Even though this story is clearly dead and forgotten, I siimply have to agree with nearly every second review that I've read so far.

Comparing Ichigo's Hollow Form with Rias (and I don't care from which season/Light Novel you take her) is just plainly stupid.

I mean let's be real for a moment. Ichigo's Vasto Lorde/Ressurection form is as close to his true peak in power as he get's. It's something that we only saw once in cannon and once more in a movie, which is kinda cannon but also kinda not.

So his Vasto Lorde form is something that he only used once in CANNON, and that was when shit truly hit the fan. It's a form that's reserved for only the truest of emergencies, a form whose power Ichigo himself can't match unfer normal circumstances.

It's most comparable to the Final Getsuga Tensho in strenght.

And you had Rias match that, which in essence means that normal, sane, pre Blood War Ichigo, would be nothing but a spec of dust in comparison to her.

I mean the strength difference between Bankai Ichigo and Vasto Lorde Ichigo is insane, so the Rias in this story must be Leagues stronger than Ichigo, which would also mean that every other DxD villain is Leagues and Bounds stronger than him...

Really not a prospect that I would ever enjoy...
4/3 c1 CrimxonHoLLoW437
So you’re telling me that Rias and her peerage before canon, meaning no issei and his Balance Breaker, no Asia, No Xenovia and with Renji for help, Can touch Vasto Lorde Ichigo? Lmao no they wouldn’t stand a chance on a low ball VL ichigo at 50% strength is multi continental a very on a middle ball he is planetary and on a high ball he is Planetary. He is FTL( faster than light. Rias and co stand a better chance against Riser than a drop of chance against VL ichigo, and why is she the only devil there? Where are the Satans or The Leaders of Grigori like Azazel or Baraquel Why would Rias even think that going there would be smart, why was she even allowed to go there?, wouldn’t the underworld call some Emergency protocol. And finally last but not least Rias High Captain Level lmao not even id say she is slightly weaker then Renji same thing with the rest of the peerage, they are not that strong
3/30 c13 TheWolf87
Ichigo vs Riser rate game, winner gets to marry Rias! Make it happen, Captain!
3/30 c10 TheWolf87
Lol nooo you should of left the hollowification exclusive to ppl of the Shinto faith. Why would the devil not just find a way to recreate their own zanpakto?
3/30 c8 TheWolf87
Now it's been a while since I've seen that movie but didn't Ichigo hollowify into his vasto form, which first appears in canon when he faces Uliquorra? However this is Fanfiction so do as you will! Lol
3/30 c7 TheWolf87
Didn't the hell saga come after the defeat of Aizen but before the Fullbring Arc?
3/30 c7 TheWolf87
What would be great is if The Angels send Gabrielle as their envoy and she gives him his own set pieces, as Hell has already given him the sacred gear.
3/30 c6 TheWolf87
Venelana is awesome and I'm glad it was her watching over her future son-in-law. Hopefully Ichigo gets 2 brides in the end. Lol
3/30 c2 TheWolf87
Damn it's 2021 and I just found this classic!
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