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11/15/2020 c7 corjca1
i detest azian he is pure scum absoutly the most ugliest man ever created an unholy abomination
10/3/2020 c1 Sensepi Rescopula
this is dumb for them to even stand up to this ichigo they would have to be on planet destroying levels as you know the espada can destroy hueco mundo when they do a release and this vasto lorde ichigo is stronger then the one that fought Ulquiorra and ulquiorra could destroy plants with his spear and cero oscuras that ichigo can over power not to mention the people from dxd verse are way slower them lutenits the only people who could match would be the higher gods and the big three aka ophis great red and 666 beast also ichigo cero wiped out at least two levels of hell and broke threw the gate of hell also damaging the real world also ichigo defeated aizen who was at least on the level of ophis after her power got taken away and she could still defeat gods so there is no way rias and her peerage can even last a second to match ichigo, oh and that barrier Bullshit you pulled wouldn't even work because the barrier would have to be able to hold back country destroying level attacks and kiba holding back ichigo sword also a no cause zangestu would cut clean threw it not to mention that I'm pretty sure that vasto lorde ichigo aura is poisonous so that would effect kiba's sacred gear destroying it and if you think that is wrong in the anime they say how hollow reistu is poisonous so this is so dumb also rias cutting threw hollow ichigo mask not a chance you would have to be at least captain level which only somebody like the Satan's, archangel's, Grayfia, Gods, and azazel and 10 -12 winged fallen could do so this chapter has so many fuck ups it's not even funny. [PS. Hollows have hierroPPS. to dodge Sonido shunpo or the quincy speed technique you would have to move faster then the speed of light which they can't do and not to mention ichigo has enough strength in one arm to destroy mountains]
10/1/2020 c1 JustDusty
This is basically what i got from the summary:
Rich kid is obsessed with Superman, Rich Kid meets Superman, Superman becomes rich kid's slave.
9/12/2020 c1 1Yamajiji
This is interesting. I liked how you tied in both worlds. Oh, and RĂ­as has it bad.
7/8/2020 c1 Gyhfyuyg
This is a cool idea but I think Vasto lordes Ichigo would severely outclass Rias and her peerage. Correct me if I am wrong but she never displayed any mountain destroying attacks in the first season, which I am assuming this chapter is before the start of the dxd
6/26/2020 c1 Guest
6/12/2020 c6 1fluffy-fanfic-lover
kill issei with ichigo in the story makes him worthless
3/14/2020 c14 Tilty.bbb
This was a fantastic read well done
2/8/2020 c1 pepejohn
This kinda hurts to read. There's just something wrong about reading this. I don't know why either too...
1/24/2020 c5 Spacecarrot
Wow okay so im going to stop reading now, first do your research on characters attitudes and how they react because this is just poorly written. second Ichigo would have spilled Raynares blood right then and there for killing Issei an innocent like he did with the stray devil i get that you want her as a part of his harem but for real do it in a better way like Ichigo stopping her from killing him and have the Azazel be Kokabiel in disguise. Third Rias is not a middle school girl that is talking to her crush so the whole kay shit is just retarded and makes no sense as her character is a mature girl mask with a cute inside such as pouting exct. so please if you are going to write a crossover story do some research and do it right other wise it makes for a very poor read 3/10 from me and its only a 3 for the concept otherwise its a 1/10 for not doing any research on anything and just making shit up as you go and not being consistent in how characters act for the sake of the plot which falls through because you cant stay consistent to how a character acts.
11/30/2019 c2 fluffy-fanfic-lover
is this dead?
8/20/2019 c1 4Winter-Buzz
As people say, the power levels are completely skewed. However, this gets a pass both as fanon and due to this fics apparent focus on character interactions.
8/3/2019 c7 mikekoetting5673
Didn't bleach hell verse come after the main story Ark
7/22/2019 c1 T
Look, I know this story is probably dead, but to be fully honest? You either upscaled Rias or downgraded Ichigo WAY too much. In vasto Ichigo is the equivalent of I'd say the tsar bomba or ten. Rias is... Just a bug compared to that
6/24/2019 c1 PanKeRio
This is so wrong

SOOOOOOOOO wrong on SO many levels

a fucking HIGH END

fought against a low class DEVIL (low class 2 wings)

AND THAT LOW CLASS managed to get a draw

is this a joke?

THE PEAK of a souls strenght as a HOLLOW

lost to a slightly stronger human

i COULD understand MAYBE
sirzechs vs vasto lorde ichigo

u even did write that rias cannot do anything to the chains of hell only her brother can
and ichigo literally destroyed them

sirzches did not destroy them merely released

so i would say that an released sirzches is MASSIVELY weaker than vasto lorde ichigo

segunda etapa ulquiorra could throw nukes at will
no sorry something stronger than that in pure destructive power

and he got outclasses MASSIVELY against vasto ichigo

as in he blocked that attack bare handed

in hell verse hes even stronger

in dxd power to destroy cities was said to be on AT THE MINIMUM 10 wings meaning ultimate class

and riad could do NOTHING against kokabiel 10 wing even after training and what so ever and only issei managed to do sth and thats ONLY because of his sacred gear and even that was only temporary and more of stalling for time until vali got there and captured him


im so pissed

this is pure crap

i wont comment on the rest and how i hated reading it thorugh to the end because of the way its written

nevermind that

what the fuck is wrong with this OOC characters

u should write something original and try reading what u write

really this is only BAD because the original story is GOOD

what u did here is a
i dont even fucking know
ive seen bad things
this is certainly not the worst thing ive seen
its pretty bad
try doing some research and look how a PROPER story looks like

because this is more of a april fools joke than a story

Sorry that im this harsh
but this 'story' pissed me off
im pissed how someone can publish sucha thing without shame
did u even think what this is about?
whats the point of this?

what did u ahve in mind that this crap came out of it

Sorry but i just cant say ANYTHING good about it

i have nothing against u author

but i have many things against this thing here

i hate to see idiocy
this qualifies because i get the vibe that this was done WITHOUT ANY
thinking research or interest in aspects that matter in ANY story

i cannot in good conscience call this a story

once again sorry but its not me that wrote this
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