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for What Ryoga Finds Out!

7/21/2015 c1 Guest
I see it going this way after Ryoga called Kuno Lover-boy

Ranma looked between them then "Oh...oh wow. I didn't know, Akari and Nabiki are going be heartbroken"

"What why?"

"Akari and Nabiki either have crushes on you two or in love with you but now that you two are together, congrat..." he trailed off seeing they froze, he then looked around seeing no one posed them took a pic then left to inform everyone
8/30/2012 c1 45FairySinGirl
O.o Ok then, that was interesting. I'm not really a yaoi fan but I like Ranma 1/2. _
8/6/2012 c1 James Birdsong
Good oneshot SpunkAnimeDolphin.
8/3/2012 c1 15Richard Ryley
That was amusing. And I think it's the first time I've seen the idea that Kuno was attracted to Akane because she acted so much like a boy. I'm guessing this was back before she started growing her hair, and still dressed like a boy. It actually makes sense. (Although I consider it more a repressed side of Kuno than something he recognizes consciously)

I'm not sure Ryoga would tease Kuno in front of Ranma like that, though. He always hates it when Ranma does it to him, and never teases Ranma about his feelings for Akane. (If anything, he's jealous of those feelings, which could be why)

I caught a lot of mispellings, and I think you dropped some words (and I think when you said "You found out Ranma is the pigtailed girl and no else knows" you meant no one knows Kuno knows, but at first I thought you meant everyone else knows Ranma is the pigtailed girl) but I won't go into that.
8/2/2012 c1 22zeltronica
I have to say interesting piece poor Tatchi.

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