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9/17/2020 c38 1setokayba2n
Sigh, the story is not bad but I feel the plot is not advancing, or advance very slowly, it feel repetitive as if even after 38 chapters is still the same, the only change is Mihoshi living there but that aside it feel as there is not much change
6/11/2020 c114 Guest
The interactions between Ayeka and her father, and between Washu and the Queen, are very well written. I know this is your writing style, but I suggest being careful with run-on sentences and repeating the same noun more than once in a sentence.
5/17/2020 c113 Fadedrevolution
Thanks for another enjoyable chapter interested to see Ayeka and Ryoko conversation.
7/10/2019 c105 Fadedrevolution
good chapter it was nice to see Queen Vegeta show an emotion besides constant anger.
4/4/2019 c101 5Midnite93
I don’t know why I am laughing so much at this chapter and vegeta is wise enough to just stand aside and let goku have it. My I think I understand why there are barely any female Saiyans lol that woman seems downright scary. But definitely living up to the Saiyan royalty you nailed her character really well.
1/5/2019 c4 3T51b Moridin
Poor Washu. I see why it doesn't have her as a pairing. He literally never gives it a chance.
1/5/2019 c3 T51b Moridin
He grabbed them and put them in proper fighting stances before leaving. Good man.
1/5/2019 c2 T51b Moridin
You know, I see you have Ayeka and Ryoko as the pairing with him, I feel like with time Washu could essentially be his more eccentric Bulma. He'd think of that but knowing him he'd still try to appreciate her for who she is and not whom she reminds him of.
1/5/2019 c1 T51b Moridin
Not gonna lie. With how steaming angry Vegeta is I don't see him not killing her the moment she pulled that sword on him. Just saying haha.
12/24/2018 c98 Guest
As interesting and great as this story is, the plot does seem to be dragging. The character of Kai doesn't seem like a completely necessary addition in the grand scheme of things, a well detailed but still unnecessary character. The intrigue of Seto was something to look forward to but has been enveloped in filler. Furthermore, the 'attack' on Ryoko is out of place with the usually dismissive nature of Saiyans. A 'breeding period' came from fetishistic fanfiction. There may be an end goal to this but it has dragged and become weighted.
9/6/2018 c19 1anime-luver.3
Power Levels and Vegeta Super Saiyan 4 please
5/26/2018 c89 5Midnite93
Hahahahaha i cant stop laughing this chapter is too hilarious XD
3/31/2018 c86 wweTheBeast2015
most interesting
3/31/2018 c86 Blake2020
3/11/2018 c85 blake015
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