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for Savin' Scourge

8/24/2012 c1 Anastasia Prower
Woaj and I thought my brother miles was bad...Im so glad sonic saved scourge and it's nice to see scourge good..z MAKE MORE SEQUALS LIKE THIS XD
8/9/2012 c1 Nate the Werehog
this was really cool iliked the character portrayals. keep up the good work
8/9/2012 c1 19Resident Evil Lionhart
OMG! Now you have to make another story with MORE DARK SUPER SONIC! OMG! He's not in much, and I LOVED THIS! PLEASE! I'm almost begging you! More about these two! Maybe add in a little Eggman action and have the two actually fighting him together until Scourge gets in trouble and DARK has to come in and is all badass and saves him! Maybe make a multi-chapter fic? Please?

I mean, you've just made number one on my favorite stories list! You'd make number AWESOME if you'd make a muli of these two as a sequel to this! You could raincheck a favor I could do on here for you! Please, anythinggggg!

If you hadn't noticed, there really aren't too many good stories on here lately. This one is so EXCITING! *Squeal!*
8/6/2012 c1 4Kirby-Chan263
The whole Dark Sonic thing is overused and cliche. I found it very unnecessary. And no prison would promote raping someone, even if the Warden is a Robotnik. Other than that this story was alright. I liked the first one better.
8/3/2012 c1 Ghostkid33
Wow. That was sad, touching, and scary. Sad because of what Scourge went through, touching because of the family fluff, and scary because of what Dark Sonic did to Zobotnik, Smalls, and when he threatened the prison guards. This was absolutely wonderful...and it teaches a life lesson: Behind every person is a story-you don't know what they've been through until you see it yourself. Absolutely wonderful 100%!

BTW, I find it unique how you made Dark Sonic a separate entity from Sonic himself in the Archie verse along with the other Super forms. They all share the same body but have different minds sort of like Yugi and Atem in the first few seasons of Yu-Gi-Oh! I hope to see more fics like these!
8/3/2012 c1 GOWERNCMW
Haha I loved this XD well the songs I recognised other than Savin Me, were Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold? And Monster by Skillet?
8/3/2012 c1 4ST751
Very amazing story! I like how Sonic finds it in his heart to rescue Scourge from prison, I feel kinda bad for the green guy... and Sonic should really control his dark form.
By the way, one song on the radio I know is Monster by Skillet
PS. I'm the guy who mentioned the sequel XD
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