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5/4/2021 c11 Moonlight4me
But but but. There is no chapter 12?
5/3/2021 c11 Guest
Thank you for update!
5/2/2021 c11 Moonlight4me
I love your spin on the story. Can't wait for next chapter!
4/26/2021 c10 Moonlight4me
Can't wait for next chapter.
2/21/2021 c9 13fernyyuki
esperaba este capitulo con ansias.
hace mucho tiempo espero que escribas mas regular saludos
2/19/2021 c9 meandkc587
Awesome, really enjoying the development.
6/22/2020 c7 fernyyuki
Me encanto mucho la historia espero que publiques pronto.
1/17/2019 c6 Debbie Hicks
7. Seven
that's it you'r Sushi Shimna From the Shadows of The land of yomi I' The Guardian and watcher Guide to the Underworld Blessed daughter of Thy Mother Vampire Princess Miyu you stray too long herself held her Flaming hand Dressed from the NASA's Bodysuit was a Japanese Funeral kimono hair was in a Side bun ribbon was wrapped was both her bangs wide sides about her strange eyes with a sheer Topaz look was not human herself was a Supernatural being acting from the Anime TV Series was a Elemental was Snapped with her half-sister with her cat with best friends with the Cullens freed wearing from NASA's bodysuits Bodies vanished to Volterra,Italy then deceased her blood transfered to them with both with both nuked freely Sliced they became Immortal each both mixed up then Smashed then suddenly gone Edward was her now Servant like Larva they were Immortal just Came out of the Coffin fully time were Undead by hr planetary ablities herself was now his mate forever more with them forever more but finally bodies were ancient by now.
11/30/2017 c6 ThunderSphinx
I really hope Bella still has her Shield.

Also, you should make Bella a *lot* less boy crazy towards Edward. She needs to be a strong, independent, young woman.

She also needs to play hard to get, especially once Edward gets over his creepy hate towards her.
11/30/2017 c1 ThunderSphinx
How could the Volturi nearly wipe out Elementals? Elementals could literally, and quite easily, roast them alive, lol.
8/17/2017 c6 1Will the Werewolf
nice story so far
8/10/2017 c1 5mazes
love your story
2/15/2016 c4 K
You don't ask an elemental, especially one that controls FIRE, if they have a TEMPER. I mean, seriously, who does that? I know she didn't know, but really, her entire attitude is fire.
3/9/2014 c5 Guest
I really like this cooler bella :)
2/23/2014 c5 Guest
You should continue its a good story
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