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7/3/2013 c6 Anonymous
I've been mostly lurking as I read this story, but I'd like to say that it's really well-written and engaging. I keep wondering what will happen next, and how the story will play out. I look forward to new chapters :)
6/22/2013 c5 realisticFantasy
This is a brilliant idea! I love it! It's the perfect mix between amnesia and the world of harry potter, without just randomly plunking a character in the other story. Great job, i can't wait for the next chapter!
5/22/2013 c5 noonoe
Wow, I adore this whole idea w keep up with this awesome story, pretty please! :3
4/15/2013 c5 2Orionali
Why must everyone end with a cliffhanger, argh. You got so deathly interested! Can't wait to see what happens next and will Snape catch the inseparable three doing their 'little heroics'. Dum-dum-dum. Also, poor Neville. Poor everyone, actually. Good writing, keep 'em coming!

Also, hehe, questions about memory in Snape's test. *devious laugh*
1/27/2013 c3 1cfore
I have to say, you got me intrigued. Can't wait to see how the story progress. Will be fun to see if Harry actually have any aptitude at Divination. Its a pity that the subject is treated as a joke in by most of the fandom simply because Trelawny is a flakey professor. Most don't even see the potential in it for fanfics aside from seeing the future when there's so many other potential: Possession, talking to the dead(not ghosts), prescience etc.

And for crossing over with Amnesia, I have to say it's brilliant, although it remains to be seen how things will be tied together as your worlds haven't really melded together yet.
12/30/2012 c4 2Orionali
The plot thickens! :3 Really, *really* nice chapter - 20 minutes of my life spent well. You wrote the characters beautifully, and close to canons. But my god, holy cliffhangers! The suspense! Now I'm really interested in why would Daniel haunt Harry (and how does he know his name?) The 'air game' was intriguing as well - I would imagine Daniel has great reflexes after what had happened to him. Hehe. ;)

Keep up the great work! Anxiously waiting next chapters! 3
12/29/2012 c4 3HeidiFox
WELL DONE! Kept everyone in character and i could picture the scenes!
11/14/2012 c3 Guest
That was fun to read. Poor Daniel, I feel sorry for him. Harry has to now deal with him by himself, unless he tells Ron and Hermione, but there is a slight chance they wont believe him. Defiantly going to keep tabs on this story. :D
10/18/2012 c3 14Elithay
This is really interesting so far. I'm curious to see how/why Daniel is in Hogwarts and how people are going to react to him when his presence becomes more common knowledge. Keep up the good work and I'll be watching for more chapters :D
10/15/2012 c3 Guest
Great! The possession was exciting and scary. The idea of Daniel haunting Hogwarts as a ghost is really creative. How on earth did he get there all the way from Prussia plus not remember the past century and a half? I look forward to where you take this story, it's very promising. :)
9/17/2012 c3 LovesMeNot94
Creeper Daniel alert! So, I really enjoyed this chapter, especially the end. Don't really get what was going on with the crystal ball though. Unless its an orb... Its not an orb, is it? Cos that would be bad. Really bad. And people would end up dead. Which would be even WORSE. If that's even possible.
Okay, the beginning and early middle of this chapter were. A bit choppy and would suddenly change places... hmmm... I didn't explain that correctly. Oh well, I'm sure you know what I meant.
All in all, a good chapter!
Now finish the next one.
9/10/2012 c3 32ChaosandMayhem
Oooooh myyyyyyyyyyyyy
Oooooooooh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
I'll be honest, I wasn't sure about reading it, because an Amnesia/HP crossover seems like the type of thing that could be done poorly if in the wrong hands.
Fortunately, it's the right, right, RIGHT hands. :D
Oh, your descriptions are just lovely, and I adore how you're not giving us all the information at once. One piece at time, making us want more. That opening chapter. Poor Daniel. ;-;
I wonder how he got himself into Gryffindor? Hm, Aggrippa, what do you have planned? And the fact that he's a ghost, rather than being transported there through some timey-wimey magic. :D I love it!
The characterizations are fine so far...the only thing I would suggest is seeing how the rest of the Divinity class is reacting to Trelawney's, erm, 'moment'. I mean, your teacher just had a freak out, there's bound to be some gossip in the halls.
Can't wait to see if Dumbledore and Snape show up. :L
All in all, two thumbs up! I hope you continue this!


Chaos :3
9/4/2012 c3 3HeidiFox
Not bad a'tall my dear!
8/26/2012 c2 LovesMeNot94
Hahahah! This chap. was actually really funny! How come a cowardly Daniel make ended up in the Lion's Den? Though I suppose he doesn't really fit into any of the houses... unless you count his all-around obsession with self-preservation. And he doesn't have the confidence or prestige or ambition to be a Slytherin. I suppose that's what happens when you go insane. You no longer fit in anywhere.

I loved the thing with the Lumos though. ;3
8/26/2012 c1 LovesMeNot94
Poor, poor Daniel...
Lovely imagery, better even than I remember.

Or gross imagery, rather. I suppose that would suit it better. ;3 But, as I'm sure that's what you were aiming for, I don't really mind saying so.

And I reviewed. So there. ;P
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