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for In Hell (part 1) and From HEll (part 2)

7/3/2013 c8 3littlepixelovesu
Poor Bella ,evil Sam ( please tell me you didn't go thru this )
5/26/2013 c11 yungsunofagun
Please say that all of this is a figment of your imagination and not that it actually happened to you. The rawness of this makes me thinks its the truth. Why did they target her? Why did they torture and kill Edward?
3/2/2013 c9 Neb87
Very well written chapter, interesting to see the inner musings and choices like that
3/2/2013 c9 Apathicus
I don't find anything too disgusting, but then again, there isn't a lot that I find too far.
2/26/2013 c8 Monroe88
Brutal to read, excellent writing, but crazy sick stuff going on it...and yet I still want to know what happens...
: )
2/25/2013 c7 Neb87
Well im apprehensive about 'liking' this story, because of the content of it. But I do follow and read your story, and I do appreciate your writing and your willingness to tackle such a tough subject, especially when faced with negative feedback like that. Anyways i feel conflicted to say, nice story, as you can imagine. But know that at least I will be reading it :)
2/24/2013 c8 kitkatr
Thank Goodness jacob wasn't part of this!
2/23/2013 c7 kitkatr
Sam Uley? UGH! i am happy you decided to continue to write!
2/23/2013 c6 kitkatr
Death would be better than this for Bella!
2/23/2013 c5 kitkatr
Horrible! Please tell me you didn't go through this!
2/23/2013 c4 kitkatr
I hope Edward wasn't involved!
2/23/2013 c3 kitkatr
I hope edward can find her!
2/23/2013 c2 kitkatr
What a nightmare!
2/23/2013 c1 kitkatr
So sad!
2/23/2013 c7 Apathicus
Don't give up.
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