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for Beata Maria's Jester

3/12/2018 c26 Guest
A lovely, light hearted chapter to sooth us after all that angst, haha! Wonderful work once again.
3/11/2018 c26 1Mysticalmagicks
What a good way to start of the day. Wonderful update, and I find that last scene of the chapter to be quite funny. Good job with the writing!
3/6/2018 c25 Guest
You had me going for a bit last chapter holy shit I genuinely thought you'd done away with our lovely Arianne. And the last bit I couldn't stop laughing no romantic reunion there Clopin XD
3/3/2018 c25 Guest
Amazing! Loving the story can't wait until next update! :D
3/2/2018 c25 Guest
Haha oh my god! I'm so happy to see this again! Read this story a while ago, recently I've been feeling nostalgic about the hunchback and felt like having a little re-read, knowing the story hadn't been updated in a while you can guess my ultimate delight when I saw it had been updated! Multiple times! Holy shit and the wait was worth it, I love the story, how exciting it is and the relationship between Arianna and Colpin. Looking forward to the next chapter, take care! :D
3/1/2018 c25 Mysticalmagicks
This story is so adorable, I read all chapters in two days. So please tell me that there's going to be more of it? I enjoy Arianne and Clopin. Oh, and will this story will go into the movie plot in other chapters? (By the way, you made me cry with the death scene author in chapter 24. Not cool. But then you made then you made me happy with her resurrection. I wonder/can't wait to read what Frollo's reaction is going to be when more sightings of Maria's Jester pops up, when she's all healthy again and healed.) All in all, good work.
2/27/2018 c25 1Kagayaku Hoshi-chan
HAHA, YES! Dodgin' death like a pro. :D Oooo I can't wait to see the look on Frollo's face...
2/27/2018 c25 meandmysloth
Yas! Great chapter! YAASSS
2/27/2018 c24 3Taranodongirl1
2/27/2018 c24 Nightwalker6690
OMG! I haven't read it yet but I saw the update and got so excited this has been my favorite story for so long I almsot gave up that it would ever be updated but I'm so excited! Yaaaaay! Your back and gonna finish it! OK now I'll read it lol
2/27/2018 c24 meandmysloth
She's dead...what happens now? I feel lost ...meh
2/27/2018 c24 1Kagayaku Hoshi-chan
Somehow, I don't think that poison was meant for Frollo at all? I think she intentionally meant it for herself. Or at least maybe suspected she'd need it? And maybe Lana is supposed to work out an antidote? Just as a speculation.

Friggin Frollo. The hypocrite.
2/27/2018 c23 Kagayaku Hoshi-chan
Ohhh shit. And so the real drama begins. :O
2/26/2018 c23 3Griffalope
HE KNOWS! Hurry and escape! Run to the court and don’t look back! Just RUN!
2/26/2018 c23 meandmysloth
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