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12/28/2015 c3 Sley a reed Hego
Awww my poor confused fellow aro Sidious. I shouldn't like to be set up like this either. And Vogon poetry too! Oh well, at least he'd never get pressed into critiquing it.

(Also gosh, Hego I know you're deceased at this point but why couldn't you have had some mercy on your liver(s? Are hearts the only thing Muuns have surplus compared to humans of?)?)
9/30/2015 c3 38Brievel
This whole thing, from beginning to end, was one loaded joyride. xD And actually, the Ender's Game series is a book series by - if I'm not mistaken - Orson Scott Card. ;)
9/30/2015 c2 Brievel
This is funny and getting funnier - haven't we all been to a dance and wanted rescuing! (Or someone wanted us to rescue them.)
9/30/2015 c1 Brievel
I think Palpatine is just hilarious in this. xD Using the Force to close Pestage's mouth... priceless. xD
9/8/2015 c3 Guest
You write Palpatine so well even in humerus us situations. I enjoyed every word. Thanks for making me smile.
4/23/2013 c3 23StarWarsFreakyGeek
If I lose you baby..." Good story. "Everyday it will rai-ai-a-a-a-an. Pick up these broken pieces till Im bleeding if that will make you mine..."
4/23/2013 c2 StarWarsFreakyGeek
Palpatine is rotten.
2/12/2013 c3 Guest
11/20/2012 c3 12Sanna Black Slytherin
Oh, how I'd love to read a sequel to this! :D
9/4/2012 c3 RKB
Way to go Padme! In your desperation to find Palpatine a girlfriend, you just doomed an entire species to extinction! Oh well, if anyone had to die because of this little party, I suppose that the Vogons were the most deserving. Hey, with any luck Palpatine will kill off the Vogons before they demolish Earth. And then, just for kicks, Palpatine can demolish the Earth instead. I'm sure blowing up a planet and feeling the terrified and pain filled cries of billions being sent to their doom will give any Sith Lord a warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside. I look forward to seeing your other stories continued.

If I can make a suggestion, you should make a sequel for this story. Have it placed during Revenge of the Sith, just after Palpatine has declared himself Emperor and just before Padme runs off to Mustafar. Just a short scene where she confronts her "old friend" Palpatine about what is going on, and Palpatine telling her just how much he used her for his own gain and how little she and their "friendship" meant to him. Maybe have him reveal how little he appreciated this little Matchmaking thing, perhaps culminating with him crushing her spirit. I don't know, I like Padme and all, but sometimes I wish that someone like Palpatine would walk up to her and spell it out to her that she has been used, and that all that she fought for and believed in was for nothing. This was a great story, thank you for taking the time to write it.
8/31/2012 c3 Rushumble
Poor Palpatine. If you have ever had a friend "set you up" you can relate to the sheer annoyance and murderous feels that Palpatine has.
8/29/2012 c3 ILBCD
Never a dull moment.

Dear old Palpatine, I do think that he's had just about enough of this, making it a good thing for your heath and general safety that you decided to end it here.

His sarcastic thoughts all throughout the chapter simply took the cake, so to speak. Ah, and Mon Mothma's appearance was not only a pleasant surprise, but a funny one too. He would prefer discussing politics with her over such a lively party? *shakes head* Oh, Sidious, what is the matter with him?

And poor Silya, was Palpatine so stressed that he would resort to using the dark side on such a sweet lady? ...yeah, he would.
I just have to ask, does she like him? Because that would be weird, because he's old... and cranky.
Oh, and the idea of Palpatine sitting there twiddling his thumbs was hilarious, my poor mouth is going to be sore from the size of the grin you plastered onto my face. I know, I know- that's an odd thing choose as my "favorite" but I'm a bit worn out. I'm sure you can find it somewhere in your heart to forgive me;)

And as always, I loved the ending!
8/27/2012 c3 1GeekyFanGirl1
LOL, this is too funny. Love it. Question:Is it wrong that I now the song from Fiddler on the Roof in my head due to this story?
8/27/2012 c3 25DarkJediJade
Loving this so much! One feels very sorry for Palpatine... Especially since we know Padme is just going to keep trying. Great chapter! Can't wait for the next! :)
8/26/2012 c3 8aurebesh
Love the ending! Thank you for writing this, you made my day :D
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