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for The Uncover of a New Family

11/12/2020 c1 mistressxshadow
welp just realized I'm already subscribed to this story there lol. I hope your day gets better
11/12/2020 c2 mistressxshadow
welp I'm following you over tho ao3 it's where I read most ma rated ficus that were moved from here still love your story and it's b.s. the way fanfic is ruining their own site allowing them to lose their authors like this. ao3 will eventually be way more popular than ff
11/12/2020 c2 xider
have you already made your accounts? on ao3 trying to find it
11/12/2020 c1 13Twilightfans
oh my god! I'm so sorry that happened!
I will absolutely be following you on AO3 *hugs*
I think we should all boycott FF. this has been happening way too often and it's not right.
10/31/2020 c27 wandamarie
wow please update when you get a chance to thank you
10/31/2020 c26 wandamarie
keep up the good work
10/31/2020 c25 wandamarie
loving the story thank you
10/31/2020 c24 wandamarie
great job
10/31/2020 c23 wandamarie
loving it
10/31/2020 c22 wandamarie
getting good
10/31/2020 c21 wandamarie
10/31/2020 c20 wandamarie
oh my
10/31/2020 c19 wandamarie
sweet story thank you
10/31/2020 c18 wandamarie
getting good
10/31/2020 c16 wandamarie
getting good thank you
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