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16h c123 1SnowmobilingSeal
18h c24 Mori Ku
Me when I realised that this ff has 123 chaoters:
5/11 c42 Dalyn Hughes
It’s not about the eye though...
5/11 c41 Dalyn Hughes
Naaaahhh she was trying to play konoha she is trying to be slick... and I know it worked, they better make the most be ready to pay with interest... Obito would be happy if the village kills everyone
5/11 c123 magicofantasy
Yes yes yes , a new chapter thank you so much
5/10 c123 2Call Brig On Over
Fuu hasn't been doing a good job so far but at least I can laugh at one of the characters calling out how bullshit a lot of these techniques are.
5/9 c123 4G3r1k
Ahh. Good ol kakashi. Having to face his last best friend.
5/9 c123 QueenDeadPool
Thanks for the update, I am always happy when this story updates. Oh and yeah my husband and I took my mom and sister to see the Demon Slayer movie, had the whole theater to are self it was great.
5/9 c22 Too late I know
But like 2 major things
1. Iwa like straight up committed genocide on the uzumakis. Like why do you keep pretending they were just as innocent. Like innocent women and children were slaughtered.

2. Ikibi is such an odd choice and kurenai too like neither of them make sense. Ikibi is like written like a generic character. Could’ve called him nameless jonnin. And I know she hasn’t appeared much during this but kurenai really like what a bad teacher anko is if she tries to train her gennin with a person whose like whole schtick is the one thing her student has 0 ability in.

But other than the two minor problems from a chapter like 6 years ago lmaoo. It’s good so far some choices I wasnt a fan of but it turned out good. Glad I’ve got another 100 chapters to go
5/9 c123 16Ander Arias
Given that I know from experience how much of a pain in the ass is to write a battle featuring mutliple fighters on both sides, I can't help but give you a pretty big kudos for doing such a great job with the Akatsuki vs Jinchuriki fight.

Does Oyashiro know that Misora is blind? Because, now that I think about it, Misora is the perfect person to fight people with doujutsu and the like. Also, while he'll probably die before learning about it, I'd like to see his reaction when he realizes that Yakumo, Chino and the othersw have deserted him.

Also, once Aoi bites the dust (he's a combination of both too evil and too unimportant to live) will somebody get his sword? Something that annoys me about Naruto, both the manga and the anime, is that quite a few characters show up with cool weapons, yet once they're defeated, said weapons are never seen again. It's kind of understandable with filler weapons like the Thunder Sword, but I never understood why Kakashi didn't take Zabuza's sword with him.

So Obito's mask finally falls off, and he and Kakashi had their much awaited meeting. I can't really wait to see how are you going to tackle their fight and reencounter.

Now, I only have two complains about this chapter. The first one, no Hinata or Hiashi. Though I find that understandable, since this chapter was prety long and you needed to leave something for later (at least the Third Raikage has been beat already, so there's a little more breathing romo). The second is that I felt that you made Konan a little too weak. When I read the battle, I had the impression that Konan's attacks hardly did any harm, and she was the one who got her ass kicked the most.

Great chapter as usual. I'll be eagerly waiting for the next one.
5/9 c123 2merendinoemiliano
My utmost congratulations into portraying what might be the best action chapter so far, the fights are top notch and the lines well executed. Can't wait to see who's gonna escape this alive.

P. S. I'm waiting so much to get vaccinated as well and go to see in a cinema Godzilla Vs Kong.
5/9 c123 2Quazillionaire
Hey man, just binge-read your whole story, just wanted to say that it's among the best fanfics I've read, keep up the great work!
5/9 c123 6Riku Uzumaki
Looks like the Jinchuriki have just about figured out what makes Pain tic. It's all over for Pain once they have him figured out.
5/8 c123 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Yeah, writing so many battle scenes at once must be troublesome, but you're doing quite well.

Keep the good writing.
5/8 c38 Guest
Fuck man im crying
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