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9/20 c17 Guest
Sigh, the anime trope of violent females and pussy makes is boring, aggregating, old, stupid, not entertaining in the slightest. Will you please move on from the stupid retarded behavior and actually have your people act like actual people, is that too much to ask?
9/19 c7 Guest
Ugh. Well Anko just proved to be completely worthless and not deserving of her rank in this chapter. Dithering over what to do over arguing genin? Are you kidding me? She would have simply punched naruto in the back of the head hard enough to slam his head into the ground and told him to shut up. This chapter was done horribly.
9/19 c6 Guest
Way too soon. Sure, let’s take brand new low level characters and throw them up against end game foes right away, that is stupid.
8/29 c2 Guest
This chapter is amazing and I'm very excited to see more of their friendship in the future! Happy Tuesday and Enjoy your Evening.
8/26 c5 2Garou4002
Day four of drawing this thing another page and Anko done
8/26 c74 Guest
I have a legit question at the halfway point of this fic. What was the point of making Naruto and company stronger if even filler villains are twice as strong not even mentioning the main villains. Does that not equal out to the same balance?
8/25 c74 Alfiemooon
I think you're completely missing the point of a stronger protagonist. People don't want to read a stronger protagonist if the antagonists are also buffed, that defeats the point of having a stronger protagonist. We want to see a Naruto that feels powerful, and honestly, he feels pathetically weak; last chapter saw him AND fū barely winning against zagi, when in cannon, the only person who can fight multiple jinchuriki at once, was a reanimated nagato, who was brought back in his absolute prime;Stronger than he ever had been. Team 3 all honestly feel like C or B rank shinobi who struggle with mobs who they should be destroying with ease. Zagi was hit with a wind infused rasengan, he should of been torn apart, like chainsaw or paper shredder level of torn. Naruto is way to immature to have a team of his own, and their existence doesn't really add anything important nor interesting to the story.

The descriptions of fights so far have been okay, but they just feel really slow, and it's seems like characters struggle for no reason. Naruto especially, not once has there been a point where he's really stood out, which is really disappointing considering the anime is literally called Naruto.
8/19 c11 Arashi Uzukaze
Well, the Han losing control thing aged poorly now. In the Minato one shot both Han and Roshi are also apparently perfect Jinchuuriki just like Killer Bee and Yagura. Yugito and Fuu were also probably perfect Jinchuuriki too.
8/18 c4 Arashi Uzukaze
It was actually the Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu is the Forbidden Scroll/Scroll of Sealing.
8/13 c1 Garou4002
Day three of drawing this. Ive gotten three pages, out of probably thousands.
8/12 c42 Shaonics6
Hinata is being really stupid here, and her reasons for hating Ao are even dumber; I also agree with Ao, it was war, shit happens and people take things from the Victor.

Hinata's rant about the seal and the split in her caln is wrong too, she is looking for some external source to blame and not looking inward. The seal the Hyuga's have at it's base makes sense; prevent the Byuakugan from falling into other hands. If that was all the seal did it would be fine and all the Hyuga's should have it; but it isn't all it does, the whole ability to use it to control others is the bad part and speaks to deep issues the clan always had. What was the point of having the ability to cause pain with the seal if it was supposedly only meant to protect their eyes? The answer: it wasn't, at least not totally, the powers that be the instated the seal also wanted to control members of the clan, that is why the true division happend. Although, that is my in-lore interpretation, there is probably a meta reason of Kishimoto not fully thinking out the whole Hyuga clan and the seal thing.
8/9 c2 Garou4002
Me trying to draw a manga of this thing. Day 2
8/9 c1 Shadowhunter36
God damn. This is true dedication if a story first started in 2012 and continues on to this day. Very impressive and very good job!
8/8 c1 Garou4002
I have made a cover for this story. I’m trying to draw a manga too but it is gonna take forever. Hopefully if any looks up a cover for this story they can find if not guess I’ll just keep drawing this massive thing for myself
8/3 c129 Guest
Are you seriously having 8 PERFECT FUCKIN JINCHURIKI struggling with Pain, Konan & Kisame, dude WTF, KCM Naruto should easily be able to low diff either Konan or Kisame, probably could Mid dif both of them together in a 2 on 1 fight, Sage Naruto took out 5/6 paths of pain in canon, and your having ALL 9 jinchuriki struggle against those 3 WHILE HAVING A 3 TO 1 ADVANTAGE, c’mon dude your story is fucking beautiful, but this gag of giving characters a power up & nerfing the fuck out of it right after is getting old dude.
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