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15h c35 f5
The Leaf are *way* too trusting of Tayuya and *absurdly* trusting of Karin. This is Talk no Jutsu Extreme and not good setup, even if the story has important roles in mind for the re-established Uzumaki clan. It looks especially bad alongside the latest chapter in Team 3's relationship with the Stone crowd, which has been a more nuanced and patiently built up alliance from its beginning.

I don't really know where this story is going! It feels like antagonists are in really short supply, since Stone and Sand have just come out of the Chunin Exams as strong Leaf allies, and it's pretty clear that Naruto is going to be spending a lot of time collecting Jinchuuriki friends. Sasuke is way happier and Orochimaru is dead. Are curse marks deactivated? Is Itachi still good too? How in the world is Akatsuki supposed to keep up?
5/19 c131 AvatarUzumaki
glad they are back to ther village but what trouble will they face in 5he future after the akatski split? and super happy they are finally getting married
5/19 c131 codywhite162
This was an excellent chapter! Looking forward to more. Also yes I also love Spy x Family Yor has captured my heart as she is so beautiful and precious and Anya every episode is just too cute! I was blown away during that one episode when Yor was drunk and still dealing heavy damage to Loid she definitely is a force to be reckoned with being the best Assassin ever. Every week I look forward to seeing that anime
5/19 c131 Guest
It is good to read another chapter again, i miss this story, will you continue with this title or make another one for the final battles of Naruto, Nagato and Obito, in any case have a nice day and stay safe hope your Life will improve
5/19 c131 Paul Lenzen
The bakery scene was sweet and I feel bad for the monkey
5/18 c131 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Very nice chapter here, and yeah, we were all waiting for the proposal's moment.

Keep the good writing.
5/18 c131 6Riku Uzumaki
Well we all knew that he was going to ask her eventually.
5/18 c131 4DarkFusion
Been a while since I've read a fic that made the NaruHina fan in me squee like the days of old and I give you all the kudos for doing that with the end of this amazing chapter. Very much looking forward to the wedding arc. Still the other parts of this chapter were great too from both the Nara family and Konohamaru processing the grief of losing family to Nagato's treatment under Kabuto's eye (also why do I get the feeling a recurring nightmare on Obito's end is basically The Simpsons' "Nobody Loves You!" bit but with the Naruto cast? XD). I've said this before and I'll say it again (with likely more to come) you are great at writing character moments for these characters. I'll be eagerly awaiting the next chapter whenever it is ready.
PS: Glad to know you're enjoying Spy x Family, and even gladder to know you're a fellow manga reader from before the anime was announced. Here's hoping the same will be said of Kaiju No. 8 and Sakamoto Days someday soon.
PPS: I feel you about April, having started a new fic near the end of March with the next chapter fully planned (with an outline) only for the next month to bring IRL crap down like Dio with a roadroller. Similar stuff seems to be happening to quite a few writers I follow. Hopefully things get better for all soon.
5/18 c131 1tzionsinned
long time reader, first time reviewer. from chapter one onward this story has kept me wanting more. as a fellow creative i understand how time and real life will keep you from doing something you love and I applaud your consistency to continue on with this. with that out of the way, this chapter had it all for me. plot points resolved, new character arcs and even more so my favorite literary archetype: evil vs. evil looming. and hey! a conclusion to the NaruHina ship done right! whenever you take the time to make the next chapter i'll be there with a read and review. till then!
5/18 c131 10Power of Magic
That was quite a chapter, and I look forward to when the next one comes out. Lets hope that everyone has plenty of time to grieve about those who died, before returning to their duties. It'll be interesting what Hidan and Kabuto are gonna use the rods from Nagato's back for, and I knew that Naruto had proposed to Hinata when he mentioned they had their first date at the bakery
5/18 c131 1buterflypuss
good chap
5/18 c131 Guest
Good chapter! This was a nice tension breaker after the all the drama in the Hidden Cloud Village! It was nice to see the surviving genin get promoted to Chunin! Congratulations to them! Poor Yoshino; I imagine it wasn't easy hearing her husband died. I liked how Shikamaru and Choji helped to comfort her. So, Konohamaru didn't accept his promotion? I didn't expect that, but if he doesn't feel worthy, then no one can force him. Obito and Zetsu are planning to take back the Rinnegan, while Kabuto has started Nagato's recovery operation? Yikes! I look forward to seeing how that plays out! Naruto proposed to Hinata?! Excellent! I look forward to seeing more of this fantastic adaptation of Naruto! Keep up the great work and stay safe from the coronavirus!
5/18 c104 Fernando G
Man Kabuto is so fucking annoying if this story wasn't so badass i would have dropped it just by the sheer amount of Kabuto suckcocking
5/18 c131 Drawman98
Fantastic chapter!
5/18 c131 1321Uzu
What a good chapter, and even more so with the ending and her wedding, it would be great if the wedding was when the fic turns 10, I'm definitely looking forward to it
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