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for 101 Ways To Kill Will LaMontange

4/5/2015 c5 16jjcrimminds
#8is the best! Rossi's awesome lol
5/29/2013 c5 171jekkah
Bwahahahahahaha! Fantastic!
5/5/2013 c2 288Kathryn Claire O'Connor
Oh, I love Hulk for doing that!:)
4/21/2013 c5 10Topazflowerxox
How about accidentally shoots himself/or gets shot by his son . Love the story by the way.
4/18/2013 c5 WereGirl
Very good and imaginative, how about Will being eaten by a stray Great White Shark or a rabid penguin? anything that hurts, a lot...
4/18/2013 c5 19TheMysteriousGeek2345
Killed by the angry exes! :D More please, even though I actually like Will, it is brilliant, the Voldermourt one was epic! Also, killed by Edward Cullen (Though I hate Twilight...)
4/18/2013 c5 8srhittson
like the story. How about he was fixing his car and it ran him over or he was acidently on the shooting range and gets shot or both
4/18/2013 c1 3Carmen xx
Awwww poor Will. He doesn't deserve all this because if he died people would be sad like his mum and JJ and Henry. (And me)
(Sorry I'm not sure if Will has a mum because I only just started watching CM and I'm 13. Also your probably guessed I'm British)
Carmen xx
4/18/2013 c5 7Gyalx81
Ha this was hilarious thanks for updating
3/16/2013 c4 Guest
Lol I love Will. Here's a suggestion, he slips on ice, and before he can get up he's stabbed by a falling icicle
2/12/2013 c4 8srhittson
I think that one should be Will being stupid and JJ "accidentally" shooting him. In the head and the balls and the heart. like I said she "accidentally" shoots him
1/4/2013 c4 4KarmaComesBackAround
What if he goes to dump the body of someone (like a randomer, though) in a construction site, but falls into the concrete and drowns. Got that off CSI!
1/4/2013 c4 19TheMysteriousGeek2345
Lol! This is brilliant! KILL WILL! Please continue, and I'll think of prompts...
1/3/2013 c4 171jekkah
Okay, that first one had me cracking up at work!

The second one was hysterical, too.
1/3/2013 c3 9Gemini-Victoria
Aww SugarHigh, did you really have to do that? Now you've given me an idea for a crossover fic of Criminal Minds and Harry Potter. LOL just kidding. Seriously though, nice job keep them coming

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