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for The Damned

9/8/2012 c2 11ChaoticCrazy
So when are you planning on updating?
8/23/2012 c1 10Spirit of the Blue Jay
Here's my Oc I hope she helps with ur story :).

Name: Nikkita Valkyrie
Age: 17
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 98.4
Appearance: Waist length black hair with purple streaks, slightly tanned skin, and Sapphire blue eyes.
Background: Grew up on the streets and took care of her little sister who their mother died giving birth to. There father had been in the and was KIA. Nikkita's little sister, Scarlet is younger by one year. At age 13. Nikkita talked a few people in to teaching her sister and her how to fight, weild Meelee, shoot guns, and throw throwing knives. By age 15 Nikkita had Mastered all she was taught and helped her sister learn the skills by tutoring her. At 16 Nikkita got a job and she and her sister then lived in a one bedroom apartment together.
Weapons: Silenced Uzis
Secondary weapons: Two Katana.
Clothing: Black skinny jeans, blue and purple tank top, black sweatshirt, black
combat boots with blue laces, and a silver wolf necklace she for from her dad when she was little.

Name: Scarlet Valkyrie
Age: 16
Height: 4,11"
Weight: 94.4
Appearance: Shoulder length black hair with blue streaks and Jade green eyes, and slightly tanned skin.
Background: Scarlet and her older sister Nikkita had lived on the streets since she could remember. Scarlet never knew their parents but from what Scarlet had told her they seemed nice. Scarlet learned how to throw knives, fight, weild Meelee, and shoot guns with her sister's age 15 Nikkita gave Scarlet her first weapons. Scarlet gave Nikkita her Silenced Uzis for her 17th birthday.
Weapons: Silenced Dual action automatic pistols.
Secondary: Bow Staff.
Clothing: Blue Skinny Jeans, black tank top, blue sweatshirt, black combat boots with purple laces, and a gold wolf necklace Nikkita gave her.

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