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for Changed Appearances, Same People

10/12/2015 c1 Guest
Why the fuck you people put orihime in rukia's place ; it's outdated
3/7/2014 c15 Guest
Update ASAP great story! Wanna read more
1/19/2014 c15 AphBookTheif
Good story please update soon. A tiny bit rushed but great other than that. :-)
8/23/2013 c14 Ally97
Please continue this story it's amazing...I love it its ganna be and it is one of my favorite story I have read...please don't drop it continue it please...I mean it a cute sweet story but can u put a little more romance into it and more of Karin and toshiro ...like get maybe a little more into detail when it's them together please
8/18/2013 c14 1flamingicequeen
Please don't end it! It's really good! I don't care that you think it was horrible I think that it is amazing!
6/18/2013 c14 2MysticalNyla
interesting story please update soon
6/10/2013 c14 guest
Man! Whenever I read a story it gets discontinued at the good , please, please keep the story going.
6/10/2013 c14 guest
luv it keep writing
6/10/2013 c14 S.I
please keep going. all you need to do is correct spelling
6/10/2013 c14 Guest
i think you should keep writing
6/10/2013 c14 S.I
it's cute go on! All you need to do is correct mispellings.
6/4/2013 c14 4hitsrin
Please continue with the story i only follow storys i like and want to see what happens and that is with all of them and most of them do i also favorite there is only a little dele of those i follow there is not favorite so please keep the story
6/2/2013 c14 XxCupcakecandyxX
It's good seeing you make this decision :) I would like it if you rewrote the story because it has a good plot line but as I read through it again it did seem rushed and the spelling and the grammar did need some looking over. And would I suggest continuing the story? To be honest I'm not really sure . lol it's actually up to you because it's your story so in the end it's your choice. Just don't do anything that would make you regret it, okay? And looking back at the time when you asked me to look over your story and to give you some pointers, I must say that you have come a long way and I'm proud of you ;) Keep up the good work!
2/19/2013 c14 5MomoPeachFlower
Damn, you never finished this.
Not that I don't know how it ends. It's just fun to see how people progress to the happy ending.
12/3/2012 c13 2StarChild97
ok. great story but i think its a little rushed. I know i get the same reviews over and over again, but i really think its rushed but otherwise a great story. Update soon. :D
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