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for Unexpected Saviour

9/13/2012 c9 Guest
More please! Really like this one. And will we ever find out the original ailments Callen was having?
9/13/2012 c9 13ncisloverinnc
Poor Sam, my heart breaks for what he had to go through, but I understand the confusion and anger among the team. Hopefully, the call from Mustafa will improve morale and they can save Callen!
9/13/2012 c9 CM-x-SN-x-HP-x-roxmysox
another fantastic chapter, cant wait to read more! ;D
9/13/2012 c9 1Feuerphoenix
I would have thought that Kensi would be angryer.
Hope G. survives.
Please update soon.

9/13/2012 c9 2Bindi-fox
Callen does think he's Aziz! Awwww poor Callen, I hope the team get him back soon.
9/13/2012 c9 wotumba1
glad they seem to understand sam now a little more... don't know what he could have done different there...

so mustafa found his phone! will they be able to get him out in time?
i'm sure sam is there to help now!
9/13/2012 c9 1221BelieveInSherlock
Liked the ending a lot :) and the whole story in general.
9/10/2012 c8 skippy1967
Love this chapter too, though not as epic, you are right. But we have more information about what the team has discovered and about Callens' status.
Now I am wondering about Sam.
And of course I hope Callen will wake up.
Thank you for this chapter.
9/9/2012 c8 Guest
pls pls update really soon, can't wait to see if callen make it or not, and what the rest of thr team is up to
9/9/2012 c8 Dixie
This is heartbreaking. Poor Callen. I can't believe that Sam would have given up on him.
9/9/2012 c8 kath46
this was so emotional, i'm glad Callen is getting help, i'm not sure who Deeks and Kensi are calling...one of Hetty's contact.
9/9/2012 c8 2Bindi-fox
Awww poor Callen :( I love Deeks firm belif that Callen is Alive and how he has dubbed Nell and Eric as Neric! LOL! But don't tell me Callen thinks he's Aziz, that's too much on top on his physicl wounds and his now freash and raw abandoment issues. I hope the team find him soon and take him home, poor Callen needs it. :( I feel the need to give him a big hug and tell him that not everyone will/has abandoned him! Please write more!
9/9/2012 c8 84Sweet Lu
A powerful chapter full of tension and fear and hope and heroics. Terrific writing...edgy and tight.
9/9/2012 c8 Guest
uhu! very exciting! Please conntinue fast!
9/9/2012 c8 CM-x-SN-x-HP-x-roxmysox
another fantastic chapter cant wait to read more! ;D
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