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8/16/2012 c3 skippy1967
Great update.
So he is all alone there. I hope his plan will work. But this line is a bit of a shock.
"He filed G. Callen away, sound and sound in the recesses of his mind. Maybe if everything went according to plan, he'd open the file again."
What do you mean with "maybe"? Don't do this please!

Waiting for your update.

Thank you for this chapter
8/13/2012 c3 Guest
pls update really soon, can't wait to see what happen next,
8/13/2012 c3 2fjdjfkjkgg
This story is very good! Hope you update soon;)
8/13/2012 c3 jfdkalhfjdsbbe
Very interesting, I enjoyed Callen's meeting with his old friend. I eagerly await the next chapter!
8/13/2012 c2 jfdkalhfjdsbbe
I love it when little Hetty makes big strong men look like kindergarteners getting in trouble from their teacher, it warms my heart :P Great job. I loved the 'angry Callen' line, it works well and is very true. I don't think there is anything Callen wouldn't do to bring his partner back safe, despite their fight, they're brothers. Great job :)
8/13/2012 c1 jfdkalhfjdsbbe
I really like the concept of this story and can't wait to see where you take it.

He decided it was time to dissect the sacrificial toaster - LOL, poor toaster!

Hetty's brisk manner is something to fear, and the ending had me on edge, great job :)
8/13/2012 c3 84Sweet Lu
Well done...scary to watch Callen going in alone. Look forward to the rescue and the ups and downs along the way.
8/12/2012 c3 wotumba1
what a dangerous plan!
hope it will work out! and also that callen and sam will be allright in the end!
8/9/2012 c2 Sweet Lu
This was a good one. Good to see Hetty stand up to the military. Looking forward to the team in Afghanistan...
8/9/2012 c2 20shestarsky
This sounds like a tough one, but I'm sure Team Callen will pull thru.
8/9/2012 c2 skippy1967
Thank you for the fast update.
I enjoyed it so much because of the background story of these two teams.
And know Callen has a plan. But the leak makes the rescue more difficult. Can't wait for his idea.

I like that you use the same names from the episode so we can put a face behind the character.

Please update soon. I love it.
8/8/2012 c2 wotumba1
must have been hard for westerman to admit that he needs help!

hetty... gotta love her there!

wonder what the plan is... hope they'll get sam back - for the sake of all of them but especially for sam and callen
8/8/2012 c2 Guest
pls pls update really really really soon, can't wait to what happen next and what callen plan is
8/8/2012 c2 kath46
good they are going to go and get Sam and bring him home.
8/8/2012 c1 skippy1967
Good to have you back!

Great start so far. Now it is Callens turn to save Sam. I hope he will give everything to save him.
Just a small note: I thought the very same when I watched this episode. Sam was about to give all up just for his old occupation (as a seal) and forget about the NCIS and the partnership with Callen.
Thank you and hope you have the time to update soon.
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