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2/16/2014 c2 22F4llon
SEALs may be close, but this team is closer. Good on Hetty for telling the LT Commander straight. Curious to know Callen's plan.
11/18/2013 c19 10Rehabilitated Sith
Gasp! Moooooooore!
11/2/2013 c19 12Aqua Mage
Nice fic. Hope for an eventual sequel dealing more with Callen's illness etc, but even without it, this was a great read ;)
3/9/2013 c19 Guest
Yes- recognized Koba. You must do a sequel!
Applause applause!
3/4/2013 c19 20shestarsky
First, I have to say you wrapped that up very nicely. Of course you have to write a sequel!
3/3/2013 c19 16MsDubstep
Oh man, what an ending! I really enjoyed the story and I hope to see a sequel.
3/3/2013 c19 Lhaven
Hooray! Great finish (with an opportunity for a sequel.) I absolutely love Hetty telling Callen how much he is loved and that he needs to trust them. You wrote it beautifully!
3/3/2013 c19 20sillymissy98
love the story
3/3/2013 c19 18SnoopGirl69
I was not expecting that to be the end :( All good things must eventually come to an end but this one came way too soon. I hope you do a Sequel someday as I am certain it will be as much a pleasure to read as this story was.
3/3/2013 c19 Dixie
Poor Callen. What else can happen to the poor guy?
3/3/2013 c19 skippy1967
Yeah "the reaper's promise" I noticed instanty.
But who or what is it.
So how long are you planning to let us wait? Please don't wait too long.
I love this story. You are the greatest at these Callen stories.
I am sorry that this is finished. There are not many good Callen stories right now.
Please make up you mind and start the new one soon.
Thank you for the pleasure of this story.
3/3/2013 c19 Guest
3/3/2013 c19 wotumba1
so sam knows now, i guess that's a good thing...

nate's gonna be back, wonderful!

koba... that mystery will have to be answered in a sequel (hint, hint) ;-)

great story, absolutely enjoyed every chapter of it!
3/3/2013 c19 Knirbenrots
Really? You stopped in here, ohnoes. Yes, I do remember Koba. Nasty... Well one, thank you!
3/2/2013 c18 Dixie
Jeez! You are killing me here. Hurry up with the next chapter.
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