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2/22/2013 c15 Guest
pls oohh pls update really soon, can't wait to see what happen next
2/22/2013 c15 18SnoopGirl69
I love how you wrote Sam & Callen's feelings on leaving Callen behind. Both have valid thoughts but damn, the image of Callen standing alone as Sam and his team drove off is heart wrenching. That will take some time to get over, if he ever does. This is one of the best fan-fic stories I have ever read. Your attention to detail has me feeling as though I am right there with the characters.
2/22/2013 c15 Shaz1
Absolutely Love it, Sam and g will have to have some serious conversations- not to mention hetty finally bringing Callen up to speed on his condition- all of which is assuming he survives of course!
2/22/2013 c15 28knirbenrots
Thank you for getting the boys back together... I certainly hope Callen will get out of this next thing alright as well, weakened as he is.
2/22/2013 c15 skippy1967
Well, that chapter is pretty intense (and great by the way).
But still, I am on Callens side. Sam could just have left his Seal team and wait for Callen in Raza and help him out. But NO, he was in the Humvee with the Seals and Callen was left alone. In my opinion he has all rights to be hurt.

But I hope Sam will be able to prove he can do better.
Thank you for this chapter
2/22/2013 c15 Guest
continue on with more updates. enjoying
2/21/2013 c15 wotumba1
glad sam and callen finally started talking. even though their issues are not resolved yet it is a start in the right direction. hope they'll manage
2/21/2013 c15 Guest
You always leave looking forward to more. Can't wait!
2/21/2013 c15 Dixie
I am so glad that Callen and Sam are trying to rebuild their partnership. I can understand the resentment that Callen has because not only did Sam leave him to die. he left to join the Seals for months leaving Callen without his partner.
2/21/2013 c15 16MsDubstep
Yay Sam and Callen made up, I am so happy. I do hope the operation goes smoothly.
2/16/2013 c14 18SnoopGirl69
Good grief, Callen is indestructible - which is why I love his character and this story.
I hope you have him in and out of a smooth operation so he can get back home and deal with his health.
2/16/2013 c13 SnoopGirl69
I like Arkady's character, glad you included him in this story. Off to read next chapter and see how Callen is doing in his recovery - there better not be any more harm to him, poor guy has been through enough :)
2/16/2013 c14 tmpbooth
Oh lord! Such heartbreaking sadness for both of them. Hetty really is the mother he never had. I do hope he can reconcile with Sam. He will need him desperately for this mission and the battle for his health.

Beautifully written as always. Can't wait for the next update.
2/16/2013 c12 SnoopGirl69
OMG! That was beyond heart-breaking :( You just couldn't leave the Callen whumpage alone - that man is going to need TWO miracles ;) Two more chapters to read and I really hope it gets happier because this angst is intense. Brilliant story idea and incredibly well written. It is a pleasure to read.
2/16/2013 c11 SnoopGirl69
He can't be lost! The angst, the sadness, the wonderfulness of this story is amazing. I will miss Mustafa, what a great character you created there, but maybe Callen will get to talk to him before this story is over :)
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