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for OPERATION: Break the Dawn

2h c24 2loveybunnies
Wow, the relief is amazing, and I hope they all finally sleep for a week. Edward needs to heal, and I look forward to them finally going home for a much-needed break. Of course, I always wonder about what happened to the X5, the warheads, the cache of weapons, etc, that were stockpiled at the deathstalker base, but I am assuming it was all confiscated and properly disposed of, right?
3h c23 2loveybunnies
Oh, Thank God! I was really hoping Bella would get to shoot someone for real, and finally, she did. And it wasn't Edward! I have no words, moving on to the next chapter because I can't stop to talk right now!
4h c22 2loveybunnies
OMG, NO! She did not just shoot Edward! There has to be something else, something that saves him! The beacon, Eli, Alice, something?! OMG! This can't be it!
12h c26 cheleyk8
This was, by far, my fav fanfic I’ve read in a good long while. Now, I’m off to read everything else you’ve posted. ;)
14h c21 2loveybunnies
Oh, Holy Hell! So they have kidnapped scientists from all over the world - and nobody bothered to mention that these people were missing too? Sounds like the agencies know a lot more than they are letting on, not sure which one is to blame, but this type of activity should have been monitored by the countries involved, right? When top physicists and scientists start disappearing, somebody knows about it!
15h c19 2loveybunnies
OK, so for the first time I am going to say that I am so mad at how stupid they all have been! It's almost like they think they are invulnerable, and Edward should have had more protection on Bella, and she should have not been left alone, even at their "secret compound". James told her that
"they had no idea" what was really going on- and he was right! Dr. Aro wants Bella, and James told her that! If they could surveil the enemy, why didn't they consider that the terrorists are able to do the same thing to them, given ALL of the money behind this insurgence and all of the technology and experts that they have on their side?
1/20 c18 2loveybunnies
Aw, they are finding moments of intimacy and bonding even with all that is going on around them. I am so glad that they have found each other. Now, I worry about what is coming in the next chapter. Seams we go up, and then down, just like a roller coaster! I just want them to get this done so they can finally catch the crazies and be together!
1/20 c17 2loveybunnies
This chapter...what a ride! OMG, so much happened and now I am even more worried about what the f*ck happened to James, Victoria, and Aro! Where did they go? And what about the XR5 still left in that compound? Will a team go back and get it? Do they just leave it for the terrorists to reclaim, or did they even actually leave at all - maybe they're just in a different cave now? So frustrating! And James is almost superhuman. And what nefarious plan does Aro have for Bella? At least we finally got some human contact between Edward and Bella! Wasn't expecting ALL of that to happen given the situation, but yeah, finally! Thank you for that - but honestly, as pragmatic as I am regarding the details of this story - I seriously wonder how the hell they are all going to get o to the hotel if they have to leave their clothes and boots! Do they have to throw away all the gear and weapons too? No wonder our defense budget is so huge! So many new questions now...how are they ever going to stop this evil plot?
1/14 c26 17CosmicTwilight
Fantastic! These sorts of ficus often lose themselves to the romance, but this was well balanced and real. I know you don’t really plan for a sequel at the moment, but there’s so much we need to see. We’ll be right here ready if you ever get the inspiration to continue!
1/13 c15 2loveybunnies
So I totally missed that entire reference on Scorpions. I thought it had something to do with toxins! LOL - and I still am not quite sure what the biochemist was doing in the desert studying scorpions, but I guess it tied in the Serbian force in Bosnia back in the 90s that his son was in, and became the symbol for the new terrorist group they are now trying to neutralize. Who, just when I think I know what is going on...it all changes! And could we get just one little kiss?!
1/12 c14 2loveybunnies
Again, I utter the words "holy shit" as I finish this chapter! I won't pretend to know where you're going with the whole Scorpions thing, but I'm assuming it's really bad since, ya know, DEATHSTALKER SCORPIONS are the most dangerous in the world and have a deadly venom! And I have been stung by a Florida Scorpion, and even though they are not toxic, it still hurts like a mother!
1/12 c13 2loveybunnies
Wow, that was intense, but she did divert attention away from then, and she did make it back! I half expected her to shoot that damn terrorist between the eyes! Kinda wish she did! That poor child who helped Bella, what her life must be like. So sad.
1/12 c12 2loveybunnies
Oh, Holy Crap! I can't even...moving to the next chapter ASAP!
1/12 c11 2loveybunnies
Holy Crap - how is it that all these white people speaking English haven't drawn more attention in a place like this until now? Who the heck could it be? (LOL - Like I would know who you're making up in your brain, right?). I almost screamed when Bella did!
1/11 c10 2loveybunnies
I am so tired just by reading about how little sleep these people are actually getting! How can they possibly function with lack of sleep?! Worried they may fall asleep during the big mission! I'm not sure how to take Jacob here...is he just a foil for Edward, or would he actually cause something to go wrong on this mission out of spite? I don't trust him, but I know I probably should since he's Delta Force...but still...
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