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for OPERATION: Break the Dawn

12/30/2023 c27 Moltz
Heading to the sequel now!
12/30/2023 c26 Moltz
Did Edward anticipate his uncle, the General, recruiting Bella based on the reports of her bravery and decisive actions?
I’m looking forward to reading the continuation of this amazing group of soldiers as Bella integrates into their team.
12/29/2023 c25 Moltz
When does Bella decide to join Carlisle’s team?
Will Edward be informed prior to her training?
12/29/2023 c24 Moltz
So the reason Alice isn’t being offered the promotion is because Edward refuses his promotion?
Rose is like the sister Edward doesn’t have. This group of misfits is closer than family.
12/29/2023 c23 Moltz
I’m glad she didn’t go through Edward to kill James.
What are they going to do about the warheads?
12/29/2023 c22 Moltz
That’s an order…
I don’t know where she shot him but she needs to get him out of there and in a hospital.
12/29/2023 c21 Moltz
Edward had better shred Mr. Spetsnaz top to bottom.
Will all the kidnapped technical people be recovered?
Does James find his end next chapter?
12/28/2023 c20 Moltz
Is there someone in Washington giving Aro intelligence on this mission?
He seems eve two steps ahead of them and knows too much about Riley and Isabella.
I’m not sure Bella’s idea of waiting to set off her tracking device is a good idea.
Although she will learn more, the delay may cost her team in the end.
12/28/2023 c19 Moltz
How did James figure out where the Dr. was being kept?
And did he ascertain the plan of attack?
Are Paul and Embry okay? They were patrolling the perimeter.
Edward is going to be pissed, well, they all are.
12/28/2023 c18 Moltz
Edward has observed everything Bella said about Gunny and Bear-man but didn’t let it sink in how deeply they care for each other.
These two will have a unique relationship foundation when this mission ends and they go home.
But until then, I have a feeling that something is going to happen to Bella.
12/27/2023 c17 Moltz
James is a combat soldier of the most dangerous nature.
What is it that Dr. Swan knows that Aro is wanting?
Will that lab be destroyed?
12/15/2023 c16 Moltz
Bella's observation skills, once again, picked up a clue miss by the other team members.
Does Walker figure out a way to isolate Bella from the team?
12/13/2023 c15 Moltz
Alice needled her captain until he gave in to the acknowledgement of his feelings for Bella.
Bella’s grappling with her attraction to him as well.
The circumstances surrounding their proximity are not ideal for a burgeoning relationship.
I’m wondering if the hideout is a trap.
12/13/2023 c14 Moltz
Everyone see the connection between the Ghost and .
As Bella talks and calculates her way through the information retrieved by the Delta team, it’s becoming more clear that she will have to be the one who disarms the chemical war head.
Now that the identity of lead of the scorpions has been revealed, how will they get to him?
Taking him out will aid the team in neutralizing the missile.
12/13/2023 c13 Moltz
I think the rest of the team figured out well before Edward that a strong attachment has developed between him and Dr. Swan.
He needed to get that off his mind so he could listen to her response on the derailed return to the vehicle.
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