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for OPERATION: Break the Dawn

3/19 c7 debb lavoie
Like how you showed Edward after the interrogation.
3/19 c5 debb lavoie
Love the description of Bella's dirty face.
3/18 c1 debb lavoie
Already exciting!
3/15 c27 2Clumsy Bedo
Holy... I'm still reeling, read this in 1.5 days, don't tell my boss that work had to be pushed aside because I needed to continue reading hahaha I usually don't write reviews on completed fanfiction but 1. Exceptions for really compelling stories need to be made and 2. Thank you for the mail alert tip. Not a single mail to support was answered. I thought I had to keep all current fanfictions open in a tab. My phone thanks you a lot. Also easy follow and can't wait to read the other stories and the sequel for this one.
3/11 c26 Pink Sphinx
Another amazing read! Character, plot, and writing were executed beautifully. You are very talented, thank you for sharing your talent with us. Im looking forward to reading the sequel xx
3/1 c2 22beegurl13
I love it! I mean, I knew I would, but I do! :)
2/28 c26 roxiegirl
Hello Katinki! I just DEVOURED this story! Many late nights reading as my eyes drooped and it was time to quit for the night. I loved every minute, even the nerve wracking and dangerous action. This is without a doubt one of the best stories I have read. The way you write, your excellent grammar, the words you use. Every character was perfectly written. I love them all…well maybe not Jake but nothing new there. I’m gushing here! I’m sad it’s over, but now I can start the sequel! Whoo hoo!
2/28 c1 beegurl13
I'm finally getting a chance to start this story. I'm excited to read it! And even more excited to know there's a sequel when I'm done with this. :)
2/25 c27 Cullenosopy
Great news and congrats on being voted #1 on TwiFanfictionReqs Top Ten Completed Fics January 2023!
2/23 c27 mamato
OMG! I can’t wait! ️️️️️️️
2/21 c27 Suzy-Chapstick
Love, love, loved this! Most of the time I listen to fic on VoiceDream so I wait until the fic is complete. I actually started this several times, but then stopped reading updates so I could listen to the whole thing at once. And boy was it worth the wait! I can't wait for the sequel.

And I just want to say how much I enjoy your characters, both canon and not. Your take on each of the Cullens is so spot on, but definitely not a repeat of their typical, exaggerated personality traits.

Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us!
2/21 c27 karen4honor
SOOOOO EXCITED! Be safe out yonder way!
2/21 c27 Mystery Cat
That’s the best freaking news I’ve received in months! Can’t wait! Thank you!
2/21 c27 Guest
2/21 c27 LaSpia
So excited! I’m just into The Cleaner and loving every word. Scaring the crap out of me, but I have faith.

It’s such a gift that you’ve returned to Capt Cullen and this “team.” Operation Break The Dawn is an incredible story, so well researched and amazing action and characters, etc., just really really well done. They are pretty special team, and I look forward o your first chapter. I enjoy and appreciate your amazing stories and beautiful writing style.

Thank you so much for writing and sharing with us.
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