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for OPERATION: Break the Dawn

2/20 c27 demmy1124
OMG! I’m so excited!
2/20 c26 exclusiverob
I finally finished this incredible story again to refresh my memory. I can't wait to read more about Edward's deadliest creature in the sequel. Thanks for all your time.
2/19 c27 DONNAGIRL
2/19 c27 Nora
Thank you for coming back! I loved the Cleaner so I am excited that you’ll be treating us to more adventures. Because I was late to the fandom, I missed reading OBTD when you originally posted it. Fortunately, the long weekend has provided time to fully immerse myself in the intricate, evil world you created. Thank goodness for heroes of all types (including that sweet little girl), humor, and the positive uses of tech. Cheers!
2/19 c27 Mireads
Can’t wait.
2/19 c27 cullenmeadow
You spoil us! Thanks for notification :)
2/18 c27 alli62
Yay! I am ready and waiting!
2/18 c27 PuzzlePerfect9
Just reread this and very excited for the sequel! Can’t wait! And as always, even with having read before, your writing had me captured, so good.
2/18 c27 Ajfflady
Bless you child, take me to Disneyland dreams do come true!
2/18 c27 meepison
Whoo hoo, can’t wait!
2/18 c27 Savannah77
2/18 c27 OliveTrusty
2/18 c27 majose
I noooo! I thought this was the first chapter. Looking forward to it!
2/18 c27 Tiskit
Kate, I am so looking forward to seeing where you take us next! Except, I looked back to refresh my memory of how this ended and realized I never finished reading this. :( Oops! I’m not sure how this could be, but I know what I’ll be reading soon! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)
2/18 c27 nalafav
So glad i found this update and so happy this story get a sequel! I can’t wait to read it and see how Bella and Edward relationship evolve!
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