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9/22 c158 grimjaw fan
This sotry ia shite, look up "the last saiyan" by fan fic author "mr grimjaw" for an ACTUALY good story / sequel to DBZ. This was just har.d to read...
9/7 c1 7The Once and Future Prophet
My, how time does change us.

Where we came from, where we now are, who could possibly have guessed. The parts of our youths that shaped us or were themselves bent, they still remain though it may seem that the shine just isn't the same. Did we grow older or more mature? A distinction I couldn't answer even for myself.

Curiosities that once were obsessions.
Hatreds long burnt to cold ash.
Identities forged and reforged.

They were the days of our own summers, our own winters. To be made on the anvil of your own making, the ringing of the hammer and the roar of the fire. Made whole, our flaws our marks of identity.

And for some, my Captain, what they needed most desperately was to discover their limit...and to break through.
8/17 c16 Guest
Raddits is stronger than Goku why is he always complaining
6/7 c158 captain cock
who the fuck is bills
5/25 c36 Guest
Lol. Imagine if Bulma really did take out Cell with that. Holy fuckin shit that'd be crazy. No Gohan SSJ2 or even Goku or Raditz. Fucking Bulma.
5/25 c29 Guest
When Vegeta fucked up, he was punished for it. I hope Break is punished as well. Dont hold back just vecause she is ur oc
4/14 c48 Guest
Minor nitpick: If Turles isn't completely outclassed by SSJ Gohan, Slug should be easy pickings for him. Turles seems a couple classes higher than Slug.
4/7 c25 3bob4204ever
not a fan of zarbon trunk...
4/7 c18 bob4204ever
I like 2 who never seen or fight against each other is fighting in planet they never been to. cool writting.
11/12/2019 c5 Rando
Aha! Goku introducing Gohan to his own Uncle he's never met before was the most Goku thing in the world...the way he did it anyhow.
10/23/2019 c66 Guest
WTF is "awwlp" ? That spelling just pissed me off so badly...
10/4/2019 c138 OmegaUltima
I know it's far, far, FAR too late to chime in with this, but the best music to have playing when they attack would have been "Libera me from Hell" ala Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann; giant ship, carrying the best "good" guy fighters (who's power seems to often be greatly affected by emotion, fighting spirit, willpower, etc), going into a different dimension (universe), to fight a seemingly all-powerful enemy that is hell-bent on ending all life other than themselves? That's pretty much spot on for TTGL!

...right, that's all I had to say; carry on~!
10/3/2019 c43 StraxyX
It was a bad idea to reveal Ki to the world. Who knows what criminals will do with it.
9/30/2019 c69 OmegaUltima
Ah geez, rookie mistake; never leave the bodies of the enemy unattended/untaken care of; for all they know, there could be a Super Cell showing up
9/9/2019 c7 LethalRitz
well i don't entirely agree on piccolos power in the main series he has a power of 3500* With Gohan if anything without the distraction he should have been in the 4300 range
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