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1/4 c225 Guest
please update :(()
12/30/2020 c225 Shadow's Rapture
I've read this so many times and it never stops being amazing. I really home you'll pick this back up in the future and complete this awesome story.
12/17/2020 c225 7CyberNinjaKat
This will forever be my favorite transformers fanfic! Even if you never finish it, it is amazingly written. No doubt I will be rereading it again in the future.
12/16/2020 c199 CyberNinjaKat
Damnit! That makes me cry every time... Jacob was one of my favorite characters.

You can probably tell that I’ve read this story a few times.
12/11/2020 c55 CyberNinjaKat
Definitely not too much talent for one person. A lot of people are multitalented. I myself am an artist, do martial arts, garden, play trumpet and Guitar, and am fairly good at cooking both in a kitchen and on a grill. I could spend a long time listing off the many talents of people I know and love as well.

Having only one good talent just means you haven’t found all of your skills yet.
10/6/2020 c186 1Bananabella
Scout can’t see his own thread
‘He’d see it if he did’
BEEEEEE you shit
9/12/2020 c225 2AbyssalisRose
Please, please, please update! this is so good! I love the thought and detail you put into it!
7/19/2020 c51 K-Dragon in Phoenix Flames
Hahaha! She pulled a Teddy Roosevelt! Man did a 80 minute long speech after being shot in the shoulder!
7/13/2020 c154 3OptimusPrime12
I’m reading this for the 14683368 time, and I just realized this chapter, the escape pod. I am soooooo claustrophobic and the thought of being in this right of a space? I have so much anxiety just thinking about it. Awesome work !
7/5/2020 c2 QueenAella
Please update
7/3/2020 c1 OptimusPrime12
On my way to reread this for the 8,592 time.
6/2/2020 c55 doyouseewhatisee
httpsyoutu. be/Dkwj1hppsrs here's the link
5/24/2020 c225 Bunny
Hey, I hope you're doing well. I've been reading this story since it came out and this has been the fifth (not sure!) time I've re-read it. It's incredibly wholesome. I can surely say it's a piece of literature I grew up with (started reading in high school, I've got a son and a daughter now!) and honestly, it's not even that it feeds into a nostalgia - I see the world thorough the character's eyes like it's new and marvel at it a bit every day. I suppose to Cybertronians it is, hah.

I hope to live to see the ending. With utmost respect, I hope you won't abandon this story. Maybe years from now, when my little ones are grown, they will read it, too - as much as they love the Transformers cartoons, this goes way, way beyond that, beyond what Michael Bay could possibly whip up.

For the rare happy childhood memory, I thank you.
4/14/2020 c225 16Almadynis Rayne
Finally caught up. You are the first to hook me so hard that i read longer than 180k. Now, over 800k later, i still want more. HUGE compliment! I hope to read more
4/14/2020 c223 Almadynis Rayne
Wondering if something will happen to little Annabelle and she gets her Cybertronian form early. There's lots of drama for you!
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