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4/9/2017 c71 2Than-Guan'Rose
SNAP! Dang...I truly thought 'Bee was gonna get some Flareup action...
4/9/2017 c68 Than-Guan'Rose
*Le gasp* Ooooh... *Covers mouth with wide eyes* Optimus said a bad word...
4/6/2017 c219 1angel897
a way fun chapter to read :) loved it
4/6/2017 c219 3OptimusPrime12
Can I just say that you're amazing? This story is beautiful. I was just re reading when I got the email you updated, and I love it! You're amazing. c:
4/1/2017 c51 Fangirl
This is Don't Judge me I'm a Fangirl
I lost my password XD
I can't stop rereading that speech!
OMG! Its amazing!
That's not rusty at all from what I can tell :)
4/1/2017 c218 5JessieBWriting
So I've spent the last week reading this from the beginning and damn, you are a fantastic writer! I love all the character development that's taken place and I cried when Jacobs died. I love who you have paired up as sparkmates and I'm curious where you'll take Annabelle and the Twins in the future. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the next chapter! Great work!
3/31/2017 c8 42Kryss LaBryn
You know, I never, ever understood that stupid "Freshmen can't have cars," thing. Is that a common thing in America? It certainly isn't in Canada; how else are you supposed to get around? Bus passes only work when and where the buses run.

I know you didn't come up with it and I'm otherwise enjoying the fic! It just bugs me every time I hear it, ha ha.
3/30/2017 c218 8Dolphin0150
Wow, didn't even realize I got that far behind! Very good can't wait to read more!
3/13/2017 c10 3code R.R
well...this is new...and hey they can speak some cybertronian languages!
3/8/2017 c218 alliebear
Oh my gosh. Just spent two hours reading this absolute literary GEM from the beginning and I am I LOVE! Is Ba Noi related to Mikaela?!
3/10/2017 c67 2Than-Guan'Rose
I'm confused... What was the "Location: C17" part supposed to mean?
3/8/2017 c218 17Xireana Prime
XD I saw a few places where I messed up, but I still like it! I can't wait for the next 3 chapters! Please update soon! yes I'm whining please!
3/8/2017 c218 1angel897
way interesting to read liked it
2/23/2017 c61 2Than-Guan'Rose
Hhhmnnm, I hope your continuing thiiis~
2/23/2017 c58 Than-Guan'Rose
Yeeees, mikaela you better accepttttt
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