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4/14/2020 c223 17Almadynis Rayne
Wondering if something will happen to little Annabelle and she gets her Cybertronian form early. There's lots of drama for you!
4/14/2020 c221 Almadynis Rayne
I'd you are looking for ideas, then I'm anxiously waiting for Kae to get to Cybertron.
Also Lee's PTSD hasn't reared its head recently.
4/14/2020 c219 Almadynis Rayne
Awwwwww! That's adorable!
4/14/2020 c217 Almadynis Rayne
4/14/2020 c216 Almadynis Rayne
You know, I've started to dream this fic...
4/14/2020 c215 Almadynis Rayne
If i haven't said already, 'flump' is my new favorite non-word. Love it!
4/14/2020 c214 Almadynis Rayne
Starting to think about how many chapters it'll take them to remember home schooling exists and playdates are normal.
4/14/2020 c212 Almadynis Rayne
Glad you classified the bond between Annabelle, Sunny, and Sides. Can't say it wasn't adorable, but did leave some hard questions. Good explanation though!
4/14/2020 c211 Almadynis Rayne
"en route" for future reference
4/13/2020 c200 Almadynis Rayne
I thought you would say sych or something, but you really killed him... Okay, i gotta go cry now...
4/13/2020 c199 Almadynis Rayne
4/13/2020 c196 Almadynis Rayne
Reminds me of Stargate (movie) with the exfoliation of everything being six points in space. Nice job
4/13/2020 c195 Almadynis Rayne
Okay, why would Mala call Bee 'my love'? She barely knows the boy!
4/13/2020 c194 Almadynis Rayne
The way Mala talks here, i wonder if she remembers being a femme...how she spoke to sentinel...
4/11/2020 c164 Almadynis Rayne
LOL that's perfect! Making Use Lord High Protector to get Soundwave. Nice!
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