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4/8/2020 c58 17Almadynis Rayne
Made me cry! Awww...
4/8/2020 c45 Almadynis Rayne
When Will said that line int eh first part of this chapter, I swear I was hearing the Viking funeral prayer. Awesome! Yes, I'm binging your fic. Congrats! I usually avoid any stories over 200k...I can't seem to stop reading yours. _
3/22/2020 c1 QueenAella
Please update
12/3/2019 c55 4Tsuna97
I really love this fanfiction. And this chapter was so adorable and sweet. You are really good at this! Keep up the good work!
11/10/2019 c225 audioslave188
It's so good!
11/10/2019 c1 audioslave188
I love this so much!
9/22/2019 c124 K-Dragon in Phoenix Flames
Ok. I think I know where you are planing to go with this with Toshinori's jealousy. But please, please please please. Put a line where you will begin IT and where IT will end because i had that happen to me and I REALLY do NOT wanna read it but i love this story so much.
7/4/2019 c100 Guest
First off, this fic is amazing, I’ve read it countless times. I do have a few questions about this chapter though: One, wasn’t Jack riding with Bumblebee in the beginning? Two, why does Daniel’s nickname keep switching from Danno to Danny? Is it just a typo? Not a big deal of course, either one, it was just a little immersion breaking.
5/7/2019 c225 FluffyPrime
Love this! Great job writing this!
4/29/2019 c225 3LoveHopes
Wow... just wow. I powered through this story as fast as I could and it's perfect. This is everything I wanted and have been looking for. I love it. I love your OC characters, I love what you are doing with canon characters, I love your writing, I love all your little moments and the slow build of all the different plot and what you've done with everything. I just, I love it. So much. Everything.
4/11/2019 c225 reptoholic
Love it, keep up the amazing work!
4/11/2019 c224 reptoholic
4/11/2019 c223 reptoholic
4/11/2019 c222 reptoholic
great job explaining it. Hope to see Kae have an update of some kind. New weapon? Really hope the Dino's Come into this, love those Ancients
4/11/2019 c221 reptoholic
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