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5/15 c8 3Neil12
Please continue. I would love to read about Harry's egg-lecent welcome. Well done
and very funny. I do hope Kelly and the girls show some mercy on Ms. Dickens. She
does mean well. (wink)
6/27/2017 c8 PoshTottie2017
Absolutely hilarious! Update soon
5/26/2013 c8 SaraCaruana
That was great! I love the fact that St Trinian's don't obey the rules... I've just read the entire story from start to finish so I don't really know if I should comment on every chapter or just this last one. It was a great idea to introduce parents' day even though I never imagined the parents ever wanting to step onto the school premises unless they were ex Trinians themselves... It was amazing and I love the descriptions you give, they are just right (the story is great too) That's all I guess apart from the fact that I'm dying to know what happens next so please update :)
1/13/2013 c8 ChelseaBelle4ever
I love it! I cannot wait to see what happens next and how things turn out for Kelly and Miss Fritton! PLEASE update soon!
11/26/2012 c8 Always.1234
Welcome back, Kelly! Like the new alarm system, and that chat with Kelly & polly was fun too. Wonderful ideas :D
11/26/2012 c8 36A for Antechinus
Hiya, thanks for the update. I quite enjoyed it.
11/26/2012 c8 62capostrophe
Hehehe I can just picture Chelsea inviting Prince Harry XD
10/20/2012 c7 36A for Antechinus
Sorry that this has taken so long for me to review to... life has gotten in the way.
It was another interesting chapter. I really liked it. I wonder what will happen at the Parent's day.
10/16/2012 c7 62capostrophe
Yay! Taylor and Kelly have been reunited! And I like how all the first years now look to Polly as a sort of Head Girl. Aw poor you! Don't worry, all us St Trinian's fangirls/readers will use St Trinian's fighting techniques to take down that hooligan...or blow up their phone :D
10/15/2012 c7 1ElusiveParanoia
hahah parents day. Oh I wonder what sort of crimes would have taken place if there was still parents day at St. Ts. I like the background on taylor. Naturally, she still has her attitude XD
9/10/2012 c6 Guest
Thanks for the update. I quite enjoyed this chapter. Thanks for the update. It was an interesting chapter. I will be interested to see what the two tribes have in plan.
9/11/2012 c6 62capostrophe
Lol I love how Chelsea's only reaction was 'do you think I'm pretty?'
9/10/2012 c6 Always.1234
Nice chapter :)
Hope you keep writing x
9/9/2012 c5 Always.1234
I think it's a very good idea & I can't wait to see what happens next :)
8/21/2012 c5 capostrophe
Hehe ah good ole chavs! Nice to see them still getting up to their old tricks even with Miss Dickinson's cronies taking over the school.
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