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11/2/2018 c25 Mr. Womple
4 Four hours to read all that. I still can't believe there was such a good story. This is the first time since lurking 7 years ago that a story reached an enough quality for that to be said. Yes, this story is cheasy, but it was done in a way that is very much original .
8/18/2017 c25 3Sel-Brauss
You don't know how happy you make me
I really enjoy this story, it's amazing! :'3
Hope to read some more Noel x Serah Fanfics from you! Thanks!
10/26/2015 c25 47Angelus Erreare
Simply, undisputedly the best Noerah story in FF NET. kudos to you for writing such a wonderful story. It was funny, filled with WAFF, it had great depth and an interesting plot concept.


My heart just melted for noerah in this. Loved it.
5/1/2015 c25 4Fireminer
One of the best story for this pairing. You've got my applause.

But you really should finish the epilogue.
12/18/2014 c25 GreyRemnant
I love this story so much! Not very often do I finish a fic and immediatly want to read it over again! Awesome, just awesome. Now I am off to see what else you have written XD
8/21/2014 c25 10jesi ki kage
AWWWS! That was cute how you brought it all 'round. Well done! I really liked the little sneak peak Noel had to their future. Thanks for writing! -JKK
8/16/2014 c25 cherry
I loved this story, it is definitely one of the best Noerah fics on this site. I read the whole thing in two sittings and everything about it is amazing. I'm not a big fan of oc's but yours were believable and very well written.
I enjoyed how you slowly built up Noel and Serah's relationship and didn't add romance in right away. I loved the Nautilus and the Farseers tribe scenes. I can totally imagine Noel protecting Serah by making her pretend to be his wife haha.
I'm so glad I came across this fic just after you added the ending! An epilogue would be awesome. Please write more Noerah!
8/14/2014 c25 19LeleB123
Absolutely amazing ending to the best Noel and Serah fic out there:) I'd love to see an epilogue.
7/22/2014 c24 10jesi ki kage
ROFL! "Just let me be the responsible one for once." Oh Hope how you amuse me so. Good job! I know it's been a while since I have reviewed but I must say you have done well. Definitely didn't see the whole shadow realm doubles coming but it worked great. Good job -Jesi Ki Kage
5/31/2014 c24 47Angelus Erreare
Wow, this is an intense rollercoaster ride. I loved it from beginning to the current part. I loved how you've interwoven the intense and passionate albeit restrained NOERAH parts yet turn it into a well thought-out adventure! Hope to read more from you...Really, really good job in writing this! FFNET needs more NOERAH fics like this one!
4/23/2014 c24 9LemoneTrees

I have been reading your story and thus far I absolutely love it. God there are so many things which make me go crazy and I just marvel at your ideas and how you've woven the story together.

Firstly, your plot, in all its originality is simply beautiful. The events link together seamlessly and I have such respect for the amount of detail which you put into descriptions, as well as developing the perspectives fr the various characters. The logic of it all ties in together with suspense and emotion so wonderfully, I find myself smiling breathless at your scenes. Even your OCs, something which I am extremely picky about, have found a way into my heart.

Which brings me to your character development. First and foremost, I love the way you flesh out Serah's character here, because I thought she was never given the adequate attention she deserved in the game, always being overshadowed by Light and Snow. I loved FFXIII-2 for allowing her to develop more with Noel, but still I thought this could have been elaborated on more. I thought you captured her relationship with Noel and Snow perfectly, and love you for pointing that out. Her passive helplessness with Snow was always something which I immensely disliked, and it is so refreshingly empowering to see Serah slowly develop into a confident, strong woman, with Noel's support. I always thought their relationship had so much more potential as she takes more initiative with him, and he has always shown himself to be kind and thoughtful, aware and caring of her feelings. I felt your chapters have brought these out, and gave them the airtime they deserved. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through the progressions of their relationship, how you started off with them being as friendly as they were with each other in game, but slowly layered in the nuances of more complex emotions into the storyline.

What had me was the realism of it all, how you never over-romanticised their relationship, showing Serah working her way through all these conflicting emotions, trying to orientate herself in this new world. Her struggle was so important to see, along with how she dealt with them because often I find it is too easy to skip all the messy in-betweens and write them as a happy couple who were suddenly struck by an epiphany of their feelings for one another. But here, with both Serah and Noel, you took the time with them. And for that I am grateful as a reader, for being exposed to a refreshing and realistic perspective of how their relationship had developed, and grown into something more.

I also developed a liking to your OCs, especially Joy. I was thoroughly entertained by her interactions with Evans and Ash - and ASH god I cracked up so hard at a pokemon trainer catching nanochus, that was a stroke of genius. I felt a sufficient mixture of empathy and dislike and morbid fascination with Ardea, and through it all had come to feel sorry for what she had to go through merely to find some answers. I do like dimension added to the antagonists, because it reminds us that people often do the wrong things for the right reasons and we all need a little love and help to get us through. It humanises them, and that's always a selling point for me.

Finally, I would like to highlight how amazingly you've managed to integrate the battle system of the game into your story. Your descriptions were comprehensive and jarring up memories of in-game battles, while infusing them with real time action and emotion - another dimension which we do not get to see discussed in game. I loved how you incorporated the monster crystals, paradigms and skills that went along with class shifts in a way that was easy to understand, simultaneously packed full of nostalgia and piquing interest at the new emotional dimensions you added to it (like the fight in the forest). I liked the originality of how you seamlessly wove characters changing into their battle stances into your regular prose, as battles and map exploration was always separate from each other in-game that I found it hard to link the emotions drawn from the plot to the battles I faced, or see how those might have an effect on the characters' fighting style, their vigor.

Wow, this got long on me but sorry, I really did enjoy your story thoroughly! And I wanted to show it the love it deserves. Thank you, for your inspiring ideas, and captivating prose. Keep on writing! :)
4/5/2014 c23 2sylvaniae
Great story and great chapter! My favorite part of this whole thing is the backstory on Noel's leather bands on his arm. It's a lovely idea, and I can't help but think of that moment whenever I see his sword arm. I hope he re-bands her for their marriage if they have one here.
3/19/2014 c23 g
Loved the chapter as usual! Keep it up :)

Can't wait for the conclusion.
9/19/2013 c21 Mia theAmazing Hedgehog
Hey** I totally LOVE your story. Its unique, action packed and fun to follow... I really hope you finish this story because I check every day if you post. But what's the best? Serah gave it to Snow! I mean really... Who does he think he is? Any way... Lots of love
M! Good luck with the other stories as well
8/15/2013 c21 Vivi H88
Love your story :) can't wait till the next chapter
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