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4/9 c6 bruceleeroythelastdragon
Excellent story! I hope to see more!
6/14/2019 c4 BrentNewland
No non-evil government ship would just open fire on a damaged ship like that.
5/22/2018 c6 JOHN0713
Very good I hope you decide to continue this story.
3/5/2018 c6 7CCSakuraforever
Esta muy bueno el fics mas como le irán al sg1 en ese nuevo universo más su ayuda con la batalla contra el imperio más que sucederá en la reunión
9/20/2017 c6 1silverstreak93242
Greetings, here's hoping that this review finds you well, and still writing! I must say, I rather like this story! I like the plot, the premise, and the story line! I am also looking forward to more chapters to come! I am hoping that this story is simply on hiatus, rather than dead, seeing as it's barely getting started! Chapter length is your decision, and any flames you may have received, well if they didn't post them till the last chapter, then why the heck did they read the story that far in the first place? Obviously because the like the story, they just wanna complain about something! I again, am hoping that this story isn't dead, that your muse is simply holding the next chapters hostage in order to get a pay raise, or more vacation time! What ever the case, this is a promising story, and deserves to be continued when you have the time and the ideas!
11/26/2015 c6 1ShadowDragonPhoenix
Excellent! Please write more, I'd love to see where this goes.

Also, is Han showing up soon with Chewbacca? At the point in time where this feels like it's coming from, he'd be the General in charge of the Star Destroyer 'Rebel Dream', wouldn't he? If your going of the extended verse.

Can't wait for more!
11/7/2015 c6 TheManWhoWatches
I am nightly impressed you have continued this sense 2012. Keep up the good work.
10/24/2015 c6 kahless21
Want more
10/4/2015 c6 3PascalDragon
Interesting story so far. And it seems that you're already weaving in some connections to the Ancients, right? ;)
And a nice bunch of OCs on the Alliance side. :)

9/24/2015 c6 Captain Yaple
A bit shabby, I think you could work on the "on the nose" dialogue a bit more. As for the story as a whole, I'm immensely curious as to how it'll turn out! Write more, goddamn it!
9/23/2015 c6 thunder18
Great chapter Update soon
9/23/2015 c6 Bigs-Post
Thank you for fixing the mistake
9/23/2015 c7 Bigs-Post
Don't know if you ment to but there is no need to repeat chapter 6 in the majority of chapter 7.
9/20/2015 c6 1Arekanderu
I very much like this story. Is it still active?
9/13/2015 c6 1billboard018
So are you going to continue this? You're onto something good here.
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