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for Bad Endings Never Last for Eternity

1/14 c5 tanirikanaik
I really loved jealous Akihiko it makes him so cute and I hope you continue this story because I love it and I totally support you.
Anyway see ya when the next chapter comes out.
5/29/2018 c6 ReadingWasNeverMyThing
Omg perfect story for Akihiko and Minako!

I liked how you started off from what happened to Akihiko after persona 3 & arena.

Anyways great story.
8/15/2016 c6 Toytoya
Please update I'm still waiting T-T
5/14/2016 c6 Vesta
Helloooo i ove your story
Love jealous aki so much hahah
I hope you continue this story . I really want to know about the other social links
1/2/2015 c6 Guest
9/28/2014 c6 IReika
Its really cute story. In summary of this story you said that minako will be akihiko's wife, i hope you will continue this story until that summary come true T.T. I hope you read my review and you will continue this story. Please I live this story :")
9/28/2014 c4 IReika
Its really cute reunioon : 3
9/12/2014 c6 Guest
your story is great please I must read more !
I must see/read Aki and Minakos wedding!
5/9/2013 c6 2that one girl who you may know
I love this story I ended up reading all six chapters in a night!
I can't wait for more, I always had a huge crush on Aki since i started playing and this just makes me love him even more!
Keep it up and i can't wait to see/read the rest :D :3
4/9/2013 c6 CrescentRineheart
You need to update soon! This story is amazing and I want to see everyone's reactions!
1/6/2013 c1 4Xinliang
Interesting start so far. But a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. I'd recommend putting your fanfic through a spell and grammar check.
11/24/2012 c6 3Yaii-yai
i support u all the way with the stort plz write more chapters i wanna see wut happens to Aki and Mina :)
11/4/2012 c6 9Frostfire613
I can't wait for an update! Love this!
11/4/2012 c1 Frostfire613
Wow, nice touch with the P4 Arena, loved that game
11/3/2012 c6 14oxCuteKataraox
Omg will you be updating this story? I really love all of your chapters and it is written well. I love Aki being jealous and he's just so adorable! :3
I hope to see more of how this story will progress further. :)
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