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for Magnus Terra Chronicles: Rise of the Dark King

10/8/2012 c3 1Hawthorness
Hey! ;P
Nice plot revelation and conflict presentation; the play of characters too are well-coordinated; the dialogues too weren't dull at all; the verbal tense is well-chosen and perfect; the descriptive words used, if not long, is soooo sufficient- you don't have to describe them very long, but I like the way you describe them ;P; I also have, if not problems, some misunderstandings on some of your phrases, since it's not coordinated (I mean, you know what I mean) and parallel; the cliffhanger too doesn't seem too exciting; it's also a disappointment for slow updates, though I know you're not writing for me...
Anyways, sorry if I'm a try-hard critique here. I just want to share my opinions...
9/28/2012 c3 misstirius
I like your pacing here :) Can't wait to read the next chapter!
9/23/2012 c3 3GoldenRoseTanya
9/22/2012 c3 17LadyMercenary
Interesting plot and story, you have here! Great job! Update whenever you get the chance to!
8/9/2012 c2 6IamaPegasusDEALWITIT
Keep going! I love the plot very much

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