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7/23/2020 c8 KvAT
Man, why didn't he ask Spike for a way to send letters himself?
That was too one-sidedly unanimous!
2/10/2016 c23 1Phoenix774
hope you update soon. really looking forward to the next chapter.
9/22/2014 c23 Most Ultra of the Cww's
Dude,you HAVE to make more...don't leave us hangin bro.
3/3/2014 c23 Skullsplitter98
Nice job.
3/3/2014 c23 2Wing Zero 032
And after such huge display of force, is just a matter of time until the "Lunar Republic" comits a mistake

Great Job!, I hope to see the next chapter soon!
1/24/2014 c22 150chipmunkfanantic
most of this story follows the show almost well but intresting as well war with the dragons then the battle of discord followed by Nightmare moon then Queen chrysalis and then Sombra who's next Tirac or Grogar or maybe Daymare Sun or Nightmare Sparkle or worse yet Darkhorse Knight and yes to Storm Rider I am from an alternate Timeline where I face down those said enemies and make an alliance with Chrysalis to take down King Metamorphosis and of course face down an evil Celestia followed up by the rebirth of Nightmare Moon followed by Nightmare Rarity Nightmare Trixie Nightmare Twilight Sparkle and worse yet of all The Master but the downright ugly villain that I have yet to run across is Nightterror Nebula and Nightmare Cadence yes Cadence becoming Evil but I will also face an alternate Rainbow Dash I am simply known as The American Doctor a Timelord to all to be feared a master of Time one who helps the Multiverse but failed to save his home planet it being destroyed by The Daleks
12/21/2013 c22 Skullsplitter98
Ho...ly...shit. You actually, in this chapter of revelations, explained the whole reincarnation process... in a plausible, logistical, scientific, and downright intelligent way. Few people impress me when it comes to out-of-the-blue random hypothetical situations (like what anime would you make real)... but you sir... have impressed me... well done sir... well done...*sheds tear*...
6/22/2013 c5 3Nightmare daniell61
(havent read this chapter yet)

Man no matter what i do this is slowly bugging me how it seems to be going into a OC and rainbow dash love story...it seems good but its slowly boring me...Why do my tastes hate me(finds good story reads half gets bored..fFFUU) any way; good story :D im going to be stalking your other storys till i can force myself to read this story again

till then Peace.

6/21/2013 c22 2Wing Zero 032
And now that the filler chapters are over, HERE COMES THE CRUB STOMP BATTLE OF THE AGES!

Or how most would say:


6/21/2013 c22 5Voltzs
Whoa... I already KNOW it took a long time to think all of that up. I mean, with this you'd think that this would actually happen in the future (Which I hope).

Really, very well done on this chapter! Can't wait til the next
6/17/2013 c2 BloodRedBanner
You got me to cry...
5/19/2013 c21 A Random Idiot
Out of all the stories I come upon in this site, this will be one of the ones I don't go on the first paragraph "Oh, this person has horrible grammar, spelling, and needs to understand that Applejack doesn't sound like Ah ain't undahstan'in wat sayin', and the simple fact that this sounds like an anti-joke." This story, honestly shows someone who's taken characters into a new light, and taken the pieces that are hidden within the show, and brought them together to form a wonderful new picture. The only irritating thing about this story...is the fact that I have to wait a bit for each chapter to come out. But I question when you'll bring back up Lily's tombstone, which SR couldn't read. That was just a cliffhanger..which you've left out for a while. And I've pulled out some of my hair over it. Quite literally. Good Day to you, Frostbreaker, and may your story get even better.
4/5/2013 c20 Voltzs
Whoa... just... whoa...
I was not expecting ANY of this... but please continue soon! I have to know what happens next...
4/3/2013 c20 2Wing Zero 032
Pony-at-arms?!, all what we need now is Koa holding a sword in the air and scream "BY THE POWER OF MIDNIGHT!" (Refference to Midnight castle) to transform into HE-DRAGON

Great chapter, now it looks like the other idots of the lunar republic will get a slow, painful, agonizing and gory death waiting for them via enraged skylord dragon!
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