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for Albus Potter and the Revelation

1/14/2015 c29 SleeplessNightsOfGrape
Absolutely brilliant! I thoroughly enjoyed both this story and it's prequel - definitely a thrill-ride I wouldn't mind embarking on again!

Thank you so much for sharing this; keep up the awesome work!
8/22/2013 c29 36Rrit
I loved the plot but especially in the beginning chapters everything came easily more or less, i would have liked a bit more of a issue. Albus being knighted wasn't all that bad but a bit overkill. I wlould also like to add that the plot that you worked with and you did excellently with.

I think that you might want to take a look over Ashley. There were some parts were she was useful and great and there were others where she just stood around.
It would help, in my opinion, if you examined your carracters and their uses more carefully.

1/8/2013 c29 Lea
I have no idea why you do not have more reviews that you do already - this is an absolutely fabulously written fic - it has kept me spell-bound - thank you for sharing your fic :)
I look forward to reading more of your work :)
12/12/2012 c29 2BeautifulBanian
OMG OMG OMG! I kinda sorta saw that coming but at the same time was stunned when Regulus was sorted Slytherin! Whoa!

I have loved following this story SOOOO much! I can't wait for the alert for the sequel :)

I might read your Percy Jackson stuff, I have read the series but love HP so much more.
12/12/2012 c29 DannielleBlack
Yep. One in the same!
What a great ending. Charlotte reminds me of a mixture of Harry and James (first) I imagine she has the Marauder spirit!
Reggie in Slytherin! All part of the next book hey? Nice to know Scorp has a family out there too.
As always, great work.
I will be eagerly awaiting the next installment!

Got a few little plot bunnies in my head! Maybe it will be my new year thing :)
11/29/2012 c28 Dannielle
Loved this chapter! I feel Albus more than deserved this. I love the thought of magical families not having to hide from the muggles anymore, as learning you're a witch/wizard in the books seems to make them sort of lose contact with the muggle world.
I am a guest and as of yet don't have a profile. Rest assured I will be making on. I'm following around 4 stories at the moment (this being my favourite right now) and need to make a profile and maybe one day bring out my own work :)
11/28/2012 c28 BeautifulBanian
Whoa! The part where he got asked to be the Ambassador and then the knighting part at the end gave me tingles up and down my spine! Literal tingles!

I can't believe this is the end...I'm so sad. I know you have an epilogue coming, but...but...you've kept me so well entertained for so long now!
11/27/2012 c27 Dannielle
You're right I did assume "grandad" was Harry! Shows never to second guess a writer!
This chapter was great, I love how descriptive you are and how you make Albus powerful yet human, I think he would of made his namesake proud in this chapter.
Yeah not all wars are religion, religion can both create and destroy, depending on who is using religion as their sword/shield.

Great writing as usual!
Can't wait to see what happens next.
11/26/2012 c27 BeautifulBanian
Holy smokes! That was an epic chapter! And I'm glad my last review made you laugh. You are keeping me well entertained with this story!
11/25/2012 c26 Dannielle
Hello again :)
I love your writing! It flows so well. Nothing fells rushed / stilted. #EgoBoost
Anyway.. NOOOO! Poor Ashley :( just got her dad back and now he's dead.. That's awful! I really liked him.
I love that Walters reason is religion. I think this points out a MASSIVE real life thing. All war boils down to religion. Its sad but true.
Of course I'm sticking around! I love your story.

I totally get why Albus is ginger. I read in another story that Magical wizards sons (mostly first borns) are usually always a carbon copy of the father. This makes sence with Harry, Draco, Scorpius, Hugo etc. That's what makes me see Albus as a mini Harry!
But it doesn't make the story an less enjoyable!

I'd love to see a early Hogwarts years fic about Albus, getting his wand, sorting, why he believed in book 1 that he didn't fit in etc. I just love your work and Albus is my fav next gen character along with Scorpius.

Adios :)
11/23/2012 c10 4Reader-anonymous-writer
They stole nukes, lots of them. Are you happy now?
Ashley is an idiot.
Chang and Clyde... Comedians.
Unfortunately, I cannot handle this mixture of politics, magic, robots and nukes. It promises to be too long.
11/22/2012 c26 2BeautifulBanian
11/22/2012 c25 dannielle
This story is awesome!
Your writing is so unique and I love both your Albus storys. Only thing that sucks is I now have a ginger Albus in my head and it conflicts with the image JK left me with.
Other than that, no complaints!

Go Scorpius! Always imagined he'd be a good guy :)
11/20/2012 c25 BeautifulBanian
Holy smokes. You continue to keep me at the edge of my seat! I can't believe she took them to Mungo's! And yay to Scorpius not being a dink! :)
11/15/2012 c24 BeautifulBanian
I somehow missed the notification for the last chapter! I got to read them back to back.
I'm going to sum up my reaction in a bit of a Dumbledore opening feast way. Oddmint, twit, perap?! Woah!
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