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11/8/2012 c22 2BeautifulBanian
11/5/2012 c21 BeautifulBanian
Whoa! You've left me speechless again. Nice job!
11/4/2012 c20 BeautifulBanian
I read this in the car and my husband loled at me when I gasped at what Hawthorne said! And whoa mama. Btw, I think that Zachariah is Minerva's brother...just a thought that popped into my head reading this.
10/29/2012 c19 BeautifulBanian
Dun dun dun! Wow, nice chapter!
10/26/2012 c18 BeautifulBanian
Still a great chapter! And the last line made me laugh!
10/22/2012 c17 BeautifulBanian
Holy smokes! Speechless. What a chapter!
10/20/2012 c16 BeautifulBanian
I can't believe I totally forgot about the properties of the cloak! Thanks for the reminder. Lovely chapter, whoa mama, the Elder Wand going to Scorpius and Albus being named the suspect?! Can't wait for more!
10/12/2012 c15 BeautifulBanian
Thanks for the update! And of course the a/n made me smile. I just enjoy the email notification that there's a new chapter!

I hope you don't mind, but the proofreader in me found 2 typos

"I'll have a team meat you there on the next flight." I think you meant "meet"?
And also "He half expected Gildory Lockhart to come" It's Gilderoy :)

Great chapter, but I don't understand why the cloak couldn't be taken off of Zachariah?
10/4/2012 c14 BeautifulBanian
Oh My GOODNESS! Whoa! Epic chapter!
9/27/2012 c13 BeautifulBanian
I think I might have been that Guest review, my browser keeps signing me out! Omg, what a chapter, he really stunned the guy and took polyjuice? And I loled at the part where James told Albus that it was Aunt Hermione who brewed the potion...hehehe! I love my notifications about new chapters :)
9/24/2012 c12 Guest
Holy fricking Christmas! I read this at work and was goggled when I read the part about the case Zachariah is still trying to solve. Whoa! Definitely liked this chapter! :)
9/20/2012 c11 BeautifulBanian
Your a/n to me made me smile, thanks so much for replying! I'm still here, you didn't scare me off yet! Loved Sarah's reaction to the magic! And Albus wiping the history...heehee.
9/17/2012 c10 BeautifulBanian
Robots?! Robots?! WTF?
9/14/2012 c9 BeautifulBanian
Omg, loved the menorah part! And what a great chapter! This was excellent, I can't wait for the next email to tell me that you've updated more :)
9/11/2012 c8 BeautifulBanian
Oh wow! Some serious stuff is going down now! And thanks for the shout out in the author's note, it made my day!
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